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Coincidence? Or not?

Apparently, someone doesn’t welcome blogs that might be critical of the incoming Obama administration. In this post, I explained that this blog had been immediately identified as a potential spam blog and locked after the first post was published. This action requires anyone wanting to read here to view a warning page. This is likely to dissuade anyone who just happens to stop by from continuing on.

At the time, I followed the steps and was informed my blog would be reviewed and unlocked shortly (the help pages say within 2 business days.) For the next several days I received a message when logging into Blogger that they had received my request to unblock it and the issue should soon be resolved. Then…one day the original message reappeared and all reference to my previous request was gone. I thought it was a a simple mistake and again requested an unblock. Again, for several days the message I received said they had received the request and this blog would be unlocked.

Today I’m back to receiving the original message. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence any longer. It seems apparent that criticism of our President-elect is either not welcome at Blogger or some overzealous liberal blog reader is flagging this blog when it becomes unblocked. Below is a screenshot of the message I receive to check the status of my request to unlock this blog.

Obama, spread the wealth, wealth, election

You can see that I most recently requested the unblock on 11/21/2008. I’m going to post these changes from now on to document this attempt by liberals to silence those who disagree or might speak unfavorably about their chosen one.

If you know anyone who might like to read this blog, please let them know about it. If the page rank gets high enough, we might finally put a stop to it.

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