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Rebuild the Party!

The 2008 elections dealt a crushing blow to the Republican Party. An almost filibuster-proof majority in the U.S. Senate, along with a strong majority in the U.S. House, and control of the White House will allow the liberal Democrats to push through just about anything they want.

What happened to the Republican Party? What changed since Reagan left office, since the victory that signaled a resurgence of conservatism in 1994?

When Newt Gingrich announced the GOP Contract with America, it appeared we were headed in the right direction. In 2000, G.W. Bush eked out a victory against Al Gore at the peak of an economic expansion that should have guaranteed a Democratic victory. How and why? Because half of all Americans were sick of liberal control! By 2004, Bush barely won again–probably only because of 9/11. He had pandered to the liberals too much.

The simple fact is, the Republican Party doesn’t know how to act when it wins. I get the impression they try too hard to appease the liberal media–who is never going to side with the GOP, regardless of their actions. In ’94, the Contract with America gave us hope that Republican leaders really were going to take it to the Democrats. But, when Clinton fought back these same leaders caved.

We received a mandate from the American people in 1994, but our GOP leaders’ attempts to gain favor with the national media quickly destroyed the voters’ faith in their ability to lead. Republican candidates must not only campaign on conservative principles, but fight for them throughout their terms. This will enrage the liberal media and there will be plenty of heat, but pandering to that media communicates weakness and exposes us to attack from our opponents.

Our conservative principles are sound and will improve the lives of the American people–rich and poor, old and young, liberal and conservative. We must get this message out, and we must fight to implement it. We can no longer be satisfied with talking the talk. We have no choice but to walk the walk.

All of this must begin with a massive reorganization and new strategies. Since we’ll never get fair treatment from the major news outlets, we must make use of what media is available to us. We have talk radio–unless the new three-headed Democratic government imposes the Fairness Doctrine, but we need more. That will involve making effective use of the Internet, which can’t be controlled by either party.

There’s a new organization forming among disillusioned conservatives called Rebuild the Party. This group is focused on building the strength of the new GOP through the Internet and technology. They’ve introduced a 10 point plan designed to offset the advantage the Democrats have in this arena and get the Republican Party back on track to once again be competitive. Here’s video with a condensed version of the plan on YouTube:

If you’re tired of seeing GOP candidates promise to promote a conservative agenda then shift left or refuse to stand and fight for our values, visit and let your voice be heard!

Together we can take our party back to its conservative roots and put it back on the road to victory!

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