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Great Conservative Blogs this Week!

After the crushing defeat the GOP suffered in this month’s election, there are plenty of bloggers offering their opinions on what went wrong and how to fix it.

Here are some of my favorites from this past week:

Monday– Relaunches… by Patrick Ruffini, Rebuild the Party

Tuesday–Why Conservatives Should Be…. by K. Ryan James, Rebuild the Party

Wednesday– GOP Strength Rests in Its Core Beliefs by Ken Blackwell, Townhall

Thursday–Giving Thanks for the Free Market by Conn Carroll, The Heritage Foundation

Friday–Five Hard Truths For RINOS by John Hawkins, Townhall

Saturday–Building Blocks For Our Party by Rolando Herrera, Rebuild the Party

Sunday–Republican “Leadership”… by Young Jeffersonian Republican, Rebuild the Party

These are some great reads with good ideas on what’s gone wrong with the party and where to start to rebuild.

Let’s start moving the party back to its conservative roots now!


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Our World on YouTube: Get Out the Vote for Saxby Chambliss!#links#links#links#links

Our World on YouTube: Get Out the Vote for Saxby Chambliss!

Just a reminder for any readers in GA or with friends/family in GA.

The Democrats are looking for the supermajority in the U.S. Senate and this is our chance to keep that from happening.

Get out the vote in GA on Tuesday and re-elect Senator Saxby Chambliss!

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Weekly Radio Addresss 11-29-2008

The President-elect gives a special Thanksgiving message and once again turns his attention to the economic crisis. Finally, he seems to be getting it when he states that recovery will come because of the hard work and dedication of Americans.

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