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Blagojevich, a victim?

According to NBC’s Lee Cowan he is!  Take a look.

NBC’s Lee Cowan: Blagojevich ‘Fell Victim to History’

Certainly delivering a unique take on the Blagojevich case, in a Thursday night story on why Illinois politics are so corrupt, NBC reporter Lee Cowan characterized the Governor of Illinois as a politician who “fell victim” to Chicago’s political machine. Apparently, corruption was just irresistible. Cowan contended: “The Windy City is a political stew of characters, a cast of players that even Hollywood would envy. Governor Rod Blagojevich is just the latest squeaky wheel in Chicago’s political machine. Although he promised to be different, he fell victim, prosecutors allege, to history.”

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This is proof positive of the liberal bias that exists at NBC!  They just can’t bring themselves to paint a liberal in anything but a positive light, even one as crooked as Blago obviously is.  The simple fact is, Cowan would rather have a liberal criminal in public office than an honest conservative!

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  1. i’m hoping that Blagojevich will inspire Congress to finally grow a pair and uphold the American legal system (by putting this guy away for a long time)

    Comment by coffee fiend | January 7, 2009 | Reply

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