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Arson Supected in Fire At Sarah Palin’s Church

by Biased Girl at With Bias

Seriously? Now someone has set Fire to Sarah Palin’s Church…The Anchorage Daily News reported a suspicious fire at the Wasilla Bible Church, the home church of Governor Palin. It happened Friday night, while some ladies were making crafts in the basement there are some reports of children possibly being inside as well. And someone set Fire to the place… Police are not officialing saying that it is Arson at this point, but Church Pastor Larry Koone was quoted in the ADN as saying “The possibilities are so wide and variable,” he said. “Someone intentionally did it, but we don’t know who and why.”

I don’t know why either…but I have some ideas…

…(Read full article)

December 15, 2008 - Posted by | Democrats

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