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Posted by: Leo Belill on Red County

You know all you need to know about Barack Obama’s plans to address global warming with

Global Warming Expert?

Global Warming Expert?

his recent announcement naming Carol Browner his “energy czar.”

Yes, this is the same Carol Browner who headed up the EPA under President Clinton and earned a reputation as an environmental radical and an enemy of industry with a heavy-handed regulatory agenda. Obama has thus signaled loud and clear his intent to take strong action against greenhouse gases (GHG’s) produced by the anthropogenic (man-made) burning of fossil fuels and the resultant emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) they emit.

Global warming? Where?

Global warming? Where?

The big problem with all this is that the global warming theory and its predictions of cataclysmic warming rest almost entirely on computer models which purport to have the ability to predict temperatures 50 and even 100 years into the future. Unfortunately, these models have a history of failure in that they were unable to come close to predicting the 20th century warming of .6C (vs predictions at least twice that) and are so far completely wrong on warming this century.

As well, hundreds of the world’s top climate scientists have begun to question the assumptions underlying this theory but have thus far been ignored by the main stream media, (msm) depriving the world of data which would put this issue in its proper perspective. Some examples follow:

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