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Obama-Blagojevich Ties?

The Republican National Committee has put a new video out calling for Obama to answer a few questions about his ties to Rod Blagojevich, the Democratic governor of Illinois who was arrested last week on charges of attempting to sell the President-elect’s vacated Senate seat.

President-elect Obama has graciously informed us that his internal investigation has proven his team had played no inappropriate role in negotiations to fill the vacated seat–only he can’t make the details public until next week.  He says federal prosecuters have asked for the delay. How fortunate–for him. A little time for the scandal to die down, a little time to tidy up any troublesome facts, and amazingly enough he’s being forced to delay releasing these details until the week of Christmas, a time when many Americans won’t be tuned in to the national news, but traveling and spending quality time with their families.

How convenient.

Well, next week we’ll see if the information he releases is any less vague than his comments on the scandal thus far.

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