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Here come the mayors, “Give us money too!”

Well, we new it was coming sooner or later.  It looks like the latest group to get in line for a federal bailout is the United States Conference of Mayors.  They’ve released a 607 page document titled “Mainstreet Economic Recovery” loaded with requests by 427 cities for funding 11,391 “ready to go” infrastructure projects they say will create jobs and reinvigorate America’s urban centers.

After the $8+ trillion bailout of the financial industry and Bush’s continuing indications that a bailout is in the works for the US auto industry, there were bound to be many more groups lining up with empty pockets and outstretched hands.  This is exactly why many of us were against the bailouts from the start.  It doesn’t take a fortune teller to know this will grow like a snowball rolling downhill.

In fact, the group uses precisely this argument to justify its request.  From page 3 of the report:

“Washington has bailed out Wall Street, banks, and insurance companies to the tune of $700 billion and hopes that its investment will eventually be returned to the U.S. Treasury and the taxpayer. It is now time for Washington to make another kind of investment, one that guarantees a return: It is time to initiate MainStreet Economic Recovery…”

Wait a minute, a guaranteed return?  Does this mean the difficulties facing America’s urban centers will be automatically resolved if the $73+ billion they’re requesting is granted?  In other words, the problems with America’s cities are symptoms of a lack of adequate infrastructure.  Don’t believe it!

Why didn’t these cities invest the taxes they collected in these improvements to begin with?  If there’s a guaranteed return, shouldn’t they have recognized it and sought to capitalize on it from the beginning? 

The fact is, this is just a group of local government officials seeking to capitalize on what they see as a federal government with loose purse strings.  Here’s a list of just a few of the cities and how much of your money they’re asking for:

Anchorage, AK


Fayetteville, AR


Phoenix, AZ


The report goes on to explain this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Because there are only 427 cities represented in the report, the potential for both the potential infrastructure investment that could be made across all of the nation’s principal cities, and the potential number of jobs that such an investment would create, are significantly larger.”

In other words, there will soon be people and groups coming out of the woodwork demanding their share of the government’s seemingly bottomless bucket of bailout money–unless we put a stop to it now!

This is why it’s so important to stop this madness these bailouts they’re calling “economic stimulus.”

Do your part. Contact the White House, your Representatives, and your Senators today and tell them to Stop the Bailouts!

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It’s kind of like a feeding frenzy. It’s a little bit unsettling to me.”–Michelle Malkin


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