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What are the ‘3 little piggies’ up to?


Here’s the latest I could find on the “3 Little Piggies” in the headlines.

Chrysler:  Shutting all North American plants down for at least 1 month to cut costs.  This would have been a lot less painful if they’d have started trimming costs months ago when they should have seen this coming.

GM:  Halts construction at plant to build new hybrid model.  This is a prime example of the poor management decisions that led to GM’s current state of affairs.  Instead of closing plants that produce models the public doesn’t want, models that are losing GM money, it halts construction of the facility that could possibly make it more competitive and actually make it money.

UAW:  Still not willing to make concessions to save autoworkers’ jobs.  Even with the domestic auto industry on the brink of collapse, UAW chief Ron Gettelfinger still won’t consider concessions to bring the Big 3’s labor costs more in line with foreign automakers with plants in the US.

We’re looking for any news on the whereabouts or activities of the leaders of our 3 Little Piggies.  If you spot them out and about, let us know.  If you can get pictures of them, or videos, without being rude or intrusive, we’d love to have those too.

Remember to call or email the White House and let them know you’re opposed to Socialism in America.

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