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3 Little Piggies Activity, 12-18-08

I haven’t had any luck pinning down two of the little piggies, GM CEO Rick Wagoner and Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli, but it seems the third was hanging around Detroit today and did an interview with WXYZ Channel 7 in Detroit.

Here’s a report on Channel 7 that leads saying Gettelfinger has not been directly involved in talks with the White House.  You may have already heard that Bush hinted today that an “ordered bankruptcy” may be the best course of action.  Well, evidently that has Gettlefinger feeling a little nervous because today he began talking like the UAW knows it’s going to have to make concessions.  This is a dramatic reversal from a month ago when he emphatically stated there would be no more concessions from the union.

The UAW chief flatly states he’s not sure what an administration bailout will look like, but hopes it will look like the bill that passed the House of Representatives and subsequently stopped by conservative Republicans in the Senate.  He’s clearly nervous though because he goes on to basically say that he’ll take anything at this point, even if it’s just “a bridge to a bridge,” which means at least give him enough to tide him over until Obama takes office.

Clearly our concerted efforts are making an impact.  We finally have Bush considering bankruptcy for the auto companies and Gettelfinger considering concessions that may well lead to GM and Chrysler once again becoming competitive, eventually.  But now is not the time to pack it in.  Let’s continue to hold their feet to the fire.  Keep the pressure on by contacting the White House and letting them know that you’re against the bailout!

Gettelfingers Bridge to a Bridge

Gettelfinger's Bridge to a Bridge

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