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Democrats Will Attempt To Re-Impose The Fairness Doctrine

by Hans Gruen on All American Blogger

Earlier this week, Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.), a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said she would work on bringing back the federal regulation that requires equal time for the expression of different political views on the public airwaves. Click Here

Surprise! Surprise! America’s march leftward into a dictatorial socialist state continues apace. How fitting that this particular part of “The Rush To Silence Rush” will be led by a leftist from the left coast. And check this: they want to expand it to cover Cable and Satellite programming. Already, our socialist Congress is over-reaching! But that is an article for another day!

Yes, I do mean a socialist Congress. For that is what we have. Do not try to feed me the garbage about a “centrist” Congress or a “centrist” President-Elect Obama. If you really want to see what the left considers “Centrist” look at this graph:

…(Read full article)

Liberals just can’t stand it that talk radio is dominated–and I mean dominated–by conservatives like Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Michael Reagan, and others. They tried to make inroads with Air America, but the market won’t support it.  In other words, you didn’t want to hear it so advertisers won’t pay to support it.

Therefore, liberals have decided they’ll either force you to listen to it or force you to turn off talk radio by imposing the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.”  Basically they want to force talk radio stations to put shows on the air that listeners don’t want to hear.  It’s not enough that the MSM (mainstream media) is dominated by liberals, they want to bombard you with their rhetoric on every medium and leave you with no escape.

You can help fight the Fairness Doctrine by signing the Media Research Center‘s petition here.

Fairness Doctrine Watch: A preemptive strike–Michelle Malkin

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  1. Thanks for linking to All American Blogger.

    What the friends of liberty need to be on the lookout for is the push for localism. This will replace the term “Fairness Doctrine,” because it is taboo now. Localism, however, will be the way they get conservative talk radio off the air.

    Democrats will push to have more local content on radio stations, limiting the amount of time available to talk. They aren’t trying to silence talk radio, you see. They are fighting for the local communities. Very shrewd.

    Here is a great article from American Thinker on the topic.

    This is just another way the Democrats want to inject the government into a free market system, mainly because the market is producing a product they don’t like. After they do this, how long before they are calling for a bailout, and eventual takeover, of the AM dial?

    Comment by Duane Lester | December 19, 2008 | Reply

  2. […] been much buzz in the conservative blogosphere, talk radio and newspapers about a predicted return of the Fairness Doctrine. A group of Republican […]

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