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Little Piggies’ Activity 12-19-08

We now know Little Piggy Wagoner was in Detroit yesterday, where he gave a press conference at GM headquarters.  I’m not sure if he took questions from reporters because the only video I can find only shows him reading a prepared statement.

Wagoner thanked everyone at GM, his competitors, Little Piggy Gettelfinger, the President, Congress, etc. for their work in getting Bush to approve the taxpayer bailout “loan”.  He went on to say he is confident GM can meet the requirements laid out by the administration.  (I don’t know if he’s considering Gettelfinger’s threats to challenge the UAW’s part of the requirements.)  He also wants GM to lead the country’s recovery during the economic crisis.  (I don’t know how he can lead it when he’s part of what’s holding it down.)

I wasn’t impressed, but here’s the video so you can judge for yourself.

I still can’t find anything on the whereabouts of Little Piggy Nardelli, but he did send a lengthy letter to Chrysler employees yesterday.  Like I said, it’s lengthy so I won’t clutter this post with it.  You can read the text of the letter here.  It doesn’t do anything to make me feel like Bush’s investment in Socialism was money well spent.  He uses a lot of words to say Chrysler is the victim of a global recession and everyone’s been doing a great job and they should simply keep doing so.  Everything will be fine.


I haven’t found anything new on Gettelfinger today.  Last word I have on him is still that he plans on pressuring Obama to remove the “unfair conditions” Bush’s Socialist agreement makes on the proletariat.

Remember, at TCOT we’re looking for any info readers may find on the Three Little Piggies.  So if you see them out and about, snap a few pictures or video them (if you can do so without being intrusive) and let us know.

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  1. This is for Everyone that is P****d Off about the US Auto Industry getting a Federal LOAN and the UAW Members:

    IT’S NOT THE UAW’S FAULT!!!!! How many times must people tell you that UAW Members with high seniority make $28 per hours in comparison to Toyota that makes $30 per hour. They have a higher expense due to health insurance costs and legacy retirement. Why should legacy retirements be attached to their pay by some? Our health insurance has been cut in half. I pay 50% of all of my doctors office calls. I must mail order all of my medication or it is not covered and I have to pay cash out of my pocket. We can only get generic drugs. Some drugs are not even covered. I had 5 teeth filled and 2 chipped teeth fixed and it cost me $400 in cash out of my pocket after insurance. We only get $70 a year for eye care. Would you like our health care cost to fall on the government instead?, that’s your tax dollars. Take to the lobbiest and insurance companies and drug companies for the ridiculous cost. You see when people have no insurance they wait until they are extremely ill and then they go to the emergency room. Then, when they can’t pay the bills that are thousands of dollars the federal government picks up the tab. I know this for a fact because I am a nurse that use to work for our city hospital, my husband works for GM. Billions of dollars are paid by the government for the uninsured. GM has 1 million retirees that get on the average $1,500 a month in retirement on top of the $1,500 from Social Security. That is not much money to support a husband and a wife. The union is paying half of the retirees cost per their last contract, that’s VEBA. That means it come out of the active employees checks. The jobs bank is now gone. The jobs bank wasn’t the unions doing. So, what do you want? Do you want them to work for free? My husband has a college degree. He is an HOURLY UAW Stationary Engineer. There are college edudated, highly skilled employees on the hourly UAW side too. He makes $32 per hour with 30 years seniority. I only have 10 yrs. seniority as UNION RN and I made $36 per hour the last time I worked. My son just started a job at Honeywell Corp. as an Aeronautical Engineer and makes $30 per hour. Do you have a college degree? See a lot of people with college degrees make more than that. Most hourly employees have over 20 yrs. seniority. The new hires only make $14.20 per hour. My daughter is starting next week at GM as a janitor through a contract company and will only make $11 per hour. So, what do you want? Them to work for minimum wage? Them to have no health care so they can die early, go without treatment or put it on tax payers? Would you be happy then?

    Yes, the Auto Industry has made some mistakes. Haven’t we all? Are you perfect? However, they have on the whole made good quality cars and trucks. My husband and I have purchased 17 brand new vehicles over the past 31 yrs. WE HAVE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH ANY OF THEM!!!!!!!! My entire family has always purchased GM vehicles and have never had a problem with them!!!!! My 2 adult children own Chevy Colbalt’s that get 30+ mpg and have not had a problem with them. GM has been in business for 100 years. That means they have some very old building and equipment that they have been and are tearing down, rebuilding and retooling. That costs a lot of money. They don’t get the tax breaks and kick backs from the states and federal government like the foreign auto maker have and do. The foreign auto makers have new facilities because they haven’t been here as long, so they don’t have the restructure and retooling costs. They don’t have legacy costs because they haven’t been here as long. That is why GM has had net losses and not net gains. They have had gains on sales, but losses as a result of restructuring and retooling!!!!! So, get your facts straight before you say things.

    The foreign Auto Maker hurting too. IT’S THE ECONOMY!!!!!! IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT!!!!!!! TALK TO THE BANKERS AND WALL STREET THAT CAUSED ALL OF THIS!!!!!!!!!! You know, the people that got money handed to them for free with no strings attached after they sent the world into a financial tail spin!!!!!! TAKE YOUR ANGER AND FRUSTRATION OUT ON THEM!!!!! THAT’S WHERE IT BELONGS!!!!!!!

    BEIJING – China is rolling out new measures to reverse a worsening economic slump with interest-free loans to companies and possible steps to boost plunging auto sales and aid steelmakers, the industry minister said Friday.

    “Industrial growth is sharply declining and we have not seen a turning point yet. We feel a lot of pressure,” Li Yizhong said at a news conference.

    The government will spend 15 billion yuan ($2.2 billion) to subsidize loans to companies to improve technology and cut energy use, Li said. He said Beijing might buy surplus steel to help producers as demand plummets and cut taxes to spur auto and real estate sales.

    – excerpt from “China to give companies aid to cope with crisis”, AP, 2008.

    In the European Union, carmakers have called for support worth €40 billion, or about $53 billion. Although they may not get that much, governments are planning a broad range of measures. Much of that support, as elsewhere, is meant to accelerate the development of “green” vehicles.

    The European Investment Bank will provide the industry with €4 billion in low-interest loans in both 2009 and 2010 as part of the European Clean Urban Transport initiative. The European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, will spend €5 billion over two years for the same ends.

    National governments, including those of France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Romania, have plans to provide hundreds of millions of euros more in research and development, tax breaks and loans. Sweden on Thursday announced support valued at more than $3 billion for its auto sector.

    – excerpt from “Auto industry aid pleas are rising globally”, International Herald Tribune, 2008.

    Dec. 11, 2008 — The Swedish government on Dec. 11 announced a 28-billion-kronor (US$ 3.5 billion) package to help the country’s beleaguered automotive sector, including carmakers Volvo and Saab. The measures “will take the form of increased investment in research and development and state credit guarantees for raising loans (from) the European Investment Bank,” the government said.

    – excerpt from “Swedish Auto Industry Gets $3.5 Billion Aid Package”, IndustryWeek, 2008.

    Shelby’s Alabama, for example, secured construction of a Mercedes-Benz plant in 1993 by offering $253 million in state and local tax breaks, worker training and land improvement. For Honda, the state’s sweetener surrounding a 1999 deal to build a mini-van plant was $158 million in similar perks, adding $90 million in enticements when the company expanded the plant three years later. A 2001 deal with Toyota left the company with $29 million in taxpayer gifts.

    Alabama is hardly alone. Corker’s Tennessee recently lured Volkswagen to build a manufacturing plant in Chattanooga, offering the German automaker tax breaks, training and land preparation that could total $577 million. In 2005, the state inspired Nissan to relocate its headquarters from southern California by offering $197 million in incentives, including $20 million in utility savings.

    In 1992, South Carolina snagged a BMW plant for $150 million in giveaways. In Mississippi in 2003, Nissan was lured with $363 million. In Georgia, a still-under-construction Kia plant received breaks estimated to be $415 million. The list goes on.

    Honda, Marysville, OH, 1980, $27 million*
    Nissan, Smyrna, TN, 1980, $233 million**
    Toyota, Georgetown, KY, 1985, $147 million
    Honda, Anna, OH, 1985, $27 million*
    Subaru, Lafayette, IN, 1986, $94 million
    Honda, East Liberty, OH, 1987, $27 million*
    BMW, Spartanburg, SC, 1992, $150 million
    Mercedes-Benz, Vance, AL, 1993, $258 million
    Toyota, Princeton, IN, 1995, $30 million
    Nissan, Decherd, TN, 1995, $200 million**
    Toyota, Buffalo, WV, 1996, more than $15 million
    Honda, Lincoln, AL, 1999, $248 million
    Nissan, Canton, MS, 2000, $295 million
    Toyota, Huntsville, AL, 2001, $30 million
    Hyundai, Montgomery, AL, 2002, $252 million
    Toyota, San Antonio, TX, 2003, $133 million
    Kia, West Point, GA, 2006, $400 million
    Honda, Greensburg, IN, 2006, $141 million
    Toyota, Blue Springs, MS, 2007, $300 million
    Volkswagen, Chattanooga, TN, 2008, $577 million

    The total figure of $3.58 billion

    European Auto Bailouts
    James Joyner | November 23, 2008

    The American government appears unlikely to offer loan guarantees to the Big 3 U.S. automakers, despite the pleas of President-elect Barack Obama. Meanwhile, European governments appear set to help out their competitors.

    British-based carmaker Jaguar Land Rover is in secret talks with the UK government over a 1 billion pound ($1.48 billion) loan, just nine months after the Indian conglomerate Tata Group bought the luxury carmaker, the Sunday Times newspaper reported.

    The request reflects the sharp downturn in the global car market which has already pushed a handful of big carmakers to the edge of bankruptcy, and one UK government source said Prime Minister Gordon Brown is studying the request, the paper added.

    In a Jaguar Land Rover statement, the group said on Sunday it supported UK and European carmaker’s industry bodies seeking help from governments but would not comment specifically.

    Citroean, Pugeot, Fiat, and others are getting sympathetic listens to their calls for emergency measures.

    Canada gave their Auto Industry $4 billion today in low interest loans due to the recessive economy.

    Comment by painterklp | December 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. First, I think we’ve laid quite a bit of the blame on GM’s mismanagement as well as the UAW.

    As for your cuts in health care, welcome to what the rest of the country is dealing with. I teach in a public school and don’t even purchase health insurance through the district because I can get it cheaper through my ins. agent. Your teeth cost you $400 out of pocket, my daughters’ teeth cost me $1600 out of pocket a couple of years ago. Sorry, very little sympathy here. That’s the way it goes.

    Health insurance premiums for my family cost me close to $5000 per year. For every doctor visit, we have a $30 copay and generic prescriptions cost us only a few dollars. If we have to use non-generic drugs, the costs skyrockets. For anything other than a routine doctor visit, we have a 20% copay on the first $5K. For the family, that copay is limited to cost us $2K per year. So, if two or more of us get injured or really sick, our health care costs for the year amount to ~$7K. Even if we aren’t sick a day (which is usually the case,) I’ve paid nearly $5K in premiums.

    Now, do we whine and cry about it? No. We understand that’s the cost of health care. How do we deal with it? We prioritize our spending. We don’t spend money we don’t have and we save enough money that we’ll be able to cover those costs.

    To VEBA, your UAW sought that. They wanted control of the $35 billion it cost GM to fund it. Here’s a quote from Gettelfinger you can find in an article here–

    ‘In a radio interview in Detroit on Wednesday, Gettelfinger said he was looking forward to making the VEBA’s case to his members. “I will be glad to stand up in front of anybody and defend that VEBA and show people they are going to be secure with their retirement benefits,” Gettelfinger said on WJR-AM. “We are not afraid of that battle at all.” ‘

    Sorry, take that problem up with the UAW.

    You also admit the auto industry has made mistakes and follow with the question–Haven’t we all? The answer to your question is yes, we have. The difference is, we’re not all asking the federal government to pay for our mistakes. You see, the average man and woman have to bear the responsibility for their mistakes. The federal government isn’t pumping money into the lumber mills here in AR to keep them open and guess what. They were doing fine until this housing crisis came along. Now they’re shutting down right and left and we’re not asking for a Socialist government to come in and prop them up. We’re adapting to the current environment.

    As for the tax breaks you noted for foreign plants. Guess what, those are states that are choosing to give those breaks. If MI wants to give tax breaks to the big 3 to keep them at home, I have no problem with that. But, it’s not my responsibility to bear this burden. It’s not my childrens’ responsibility to bear the burden of GM, Chrysler, and the UAW mismanagement. But now our president Comrade Bush has seen to it that we must carry the weight of the auto industry on our shoulders.

    You note European and other governments are bailing out their domestic auto industries. I don’t care what other countries are doing, especially the Socialist governments of the EU. There’s a reason we’re the world’s only superpower and that’s exactly because we haven’t completely surrendered to Socialism. I’m not willing to discard the source of our strength to get through a rough patch, albeit a very rough patch.

    Know this as well, we’re not trying to eliminate the Big 3. We simply wanted them to do what we want any other corporation to do in a similar situation. File for bankruptcy and reorganize. Gettelfinger’s cries that bankruptcy would lead to an immediate liquidation were just scare tactics intended to cover his real fear–forced concessions at the hands of a bankruptcy judge. Once again I say, why shouldn’t the auto industry play by the same rules the rest of us have to play by?

    You should also know that we’re just as pissed about the bailout of the financial industry. But this has to stop. We can’t continue saying “Well we bailed out such and such industry, so now we have to bailout anyone who asks.”

    I’ll leave you with a piece of advice that was given to me long ago and it’s served me well.

    When times are good, you’d better be preparing for when times are bad.

    Best of luck and God bless.


    Comment by jmathree | December 22, 2008 | Reply

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