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Fred Thompson: Ask not what your country can spend for you,…

…but what you can spend for your country.

If you’re one of those who believes all the government “experts” and politicians touting the bailouts and stimulus packages, you can learn something from this lecture by Sen. Fred Thompson.

If you’re like me and already believe the current and soon-to-be administrations’ policies are going to leave our children with a crushing debt that will be impossible for them to repay, you’ll enjoy the wit and sarcasm Thompson uses to present our argument.

The video is more than 8 minutes long, so you may want to let it load then come back and replay it.  But it’s well worth the wait.  Enjoy.

The only thing that’s ever going to get our economy back on track is for Americans to once again embrace the idea of personal responsibility.  If you screw up, you suffer the consequences.

To hear the politicians today, you’d think there’s chaos in the streets and people dropping dead like flies in a fumigated apartment.

If we’ll learn from the mistakes that brought us to this point, and commit ourselves to not repeating them, our economy will come back stronger than ever.  There’s no doubt it’s going to be painful for some, especially those who’ve grown accustomed to spending more than they earn.  But if we choose this path, our economy will be fundamentally sound, not a castle built on sand.

It’s really simple.  We either bear this burden now, or we push it down the road for our children to inherit.  Then the problem will be many times worse than it is.

Do we want our children to inherit an economy that can be toppled by the slightest breeze?  Or, do we want to leave them a solid foundation on which to build their future?

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