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A testimonial for the individual right to bear arms

Here’s a woman who understands why the 2nd Amendment was included in the bill of rights!   Notice Chuck Shumer seems unmoved by her story in the video.

Tell everyone you know who doesn’t believe we should have the right to defend ourselves to watch this video.  If they still don’t understand, there’s no hope for them.

We’re facing perhaps the most anti-2nd amendment administration in the history of our country starting 1/20/09, we need to be prepared to fight tooth and nail to protect our right to defend our lives, families, and property.

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#TCOT: Who would have guessed?

The General Motors chief executive Rick Wagoner said the biggest U.S. automaker got “what we asked for” with $9.4 billion in U.S. loans over the next 24 days. Investors are betting that it will not be enough.

GM tumbled the most in more than a month Monday in New York trading, while credit-default swaps on the company’s bonds jumped 2 percentage points in a sign of increasing concern that the Bush administration’s bailout may end in a default.

The stock-price slide all but erased the 23 percent gain on Dec. 19, when the Detroit-based GM received a federal aid package to help it stay in business until March 31 while crafting a plan to shut plants, shed brands and reduce debt.

“It’s almost impossible for a management that invested in the assets, that hired the people, that put forth the strategy, to change so dramatically in such a short period of time,” said Edward Altman, a New York University finance professor who created the Z-score formula to measure bankruptcy risk.

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*emphasis added

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Why pardon this criminal?

Today, just in time for Christmas, President Bush pardoned 19 and commuted the sentence of another.  Though I couldn’t find details on all of them, most served their sentences long ago and this act simply restores rights that are denied to convicted felons.

I cannot understand why he pardoned this criminal, who is scheduled for release in February.

Reed Raymond Prior–Convicted of methamphetamine posession with intent to distribute. Sentenced to life in prison with 10 years of supervised release.

From his appeal filed February 27, 1997

Acting upon information that Prior was dealing in narcotics, police made numerous attempts to locate Prior. On May 2, 1995, police located Prior’s vehicle at a Motel 6 in Des Moines, Iowa. They observed Prior carrying bags to his car as he prepared to leave his room. Police officers followed Prior to a mini storage unit where they saw him transferring items from his vehicle to the storage unit. Police officers then obtained a search warrant for the storage unit and Prior’s vehicle. During the search, officers found a large quantity of methamphetamine in a duffle bag on the floor of the storage unit. In all, the police seized 869 grams of methamphetamine from the vehicle and storage unit. The police also seized a scale, other drug paraphernalia, and $17,690 in cash.

What’s the point in fighting the war on drugs if we’re not going to hold those who are caught accountable?  Crystal meth is a huge problem around here and its distribution deserves harsh penalties.  This drug is ruining lives every day.

Bush’s pardon of this dealer only emboldens others who prey on our children by selling this crap!

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Obama aide talked with governor; no deal discussed…

…according to the Obama transition team.


By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – An internal review prepared for Barack Obama found his incoming chief of staff had multiple conversations with the Illinois governor’s office, but said the talks did not involve any deal concerning whom the governor would appoint to replace Obama in the Senate.

The report was released Tuesday as a transition official disclosed that Obama and two of his top aides, Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett, have been interviewed in connection with the federal investigation into Gov. Rod Blagojevich. The transition official, speaking on a condition of anonymity before the report’s public release, also confirmed that Emanuel had been captured on wiretaps taken as part of the investigation.

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The Fallacy of Keynesian Economics

Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute does a great job explaining why Keynesian Economics can’t work.

Surely, even the dimmest of big government advocates can understand this.

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The Story Behind the Iron Triangle Case, Part I

from Euphoric Reality

Editor’s Note: SSG Ray Girouard is serving time at Fort Leavenworth, as are two of his men, for charges that they executed detainees they captured during combat operations near Samarra, Iraq. For those who have followed this case, the amount of corruption and falsification by the prosecution and Army leadership defies reason. Now, for the first time, the true story behind the story. Originally published at The Jaghunter, written by retired LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick III, USN.

Steele’s March, Part I

America’s courts-martial scheme is burdened by a grim reputation. Experienced readers of courts-martial records become conscious always of power and design. In the series of courts-martial surrounding Operation Iron Triangle (9 May 2006), these distinctive factors quickly emerge from the shadows as a ship emerges from dense fog.

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Note to Al Gore: You Can Stop Now – Mission Accomplished

Originally posted on All-American Blogger

Last night the wind chill here was as cold as -30°F.

Las Vegas is dealing with more snow than they have seen in nearly 30 years.

For the second year in a row, it has snowed in Malibu.

In Florida, it’s so cold that it’s raining iguanas. 

Illinois continues to try to get power back to residents who lost it in a winter storm.  Plus, kids are left on the sidewalk because it was so “brutally cold” the school buses wouldn’t start.

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Endorsement of Ken Blackwell for RNC Chair

I’ve held off publicly endorsing any of the candidates for RNC chair, but I believe now is the time for conservative Republicans to join forces and support Ken Blackwell.

Ken Blackwell

Ken Blackwell

Yesterday, Mr. Blackwell published his plan to reinvigorate the GOP on his website.  Read the plan and you will see that Mr. Blackwell understands the need to completely overhaul strategic and tactical operations in the party.  He plans to implement a strategy of working closely with state RNC members and helping empower those members to engage and assist Republican activists county by county and precinct by precinct.  He will put more RNC funds in use at the county and precinct levels, thereby completely revamping the tactical operations of the RNC.

For too long, RNC strategy has been to focus on races it believed it could win.  We have to believe we can win every race.  In my home state of Arkansas, we didn’t even have a GOP candidate for the Senate seat of Blanche Lincoln, D-AR.  This is intolerable.  Senator Lincoln’s only challenger was Rebekah Kennedy, a Green Party candidate, who received 20% of the vote.  This in an extremely conservative state.  A Republican candidate would have had a real shot, but the RNC wrote this seat off.  This must change, we must make it our strategy to compete with the intent to win in every district, in every state.

Mr. Blackwell will host quarterly conference calls between himself and state RNC members to “stay in the loop.”  The divide that currently separates GOP voters and RNC leadership will be bridged.  This strategic change is designed to identify current needs of members at the state level and how the RNC can fill those needs.  With the support of the RNC, this will lead to more effective tactics at the local level.

Mr. Blackwell’s conservative principles are not in question.  Many think the crushing defeat in November indicates we must abandon conservativism to be competitive in the future.  They couldn’t be more wrong.  Our problems have arisen from not adhering to those principles in the past few years.  With Republicans in control of the White House and both Houses of Congress, we expanded government and spent money like drunken sailors.  Our GOP elected officials have pandered to liberals because there’s been a disconnect between the RNC leadership and voters who elect Republican candidates.

His columns, available at, are evidence of his deep-rooted conservative philosophy.  He recognizes, in his column GOP Strength Rests in Its Core Beliefs, that conservative values correspond to most Americans’ values.  Our problems do not stem from our message, but rather from our inability to communicate that message.

Mr. Blackwell has also endorsed Rebuild the Party‘s 10-point plan to bring the RNC into the 21st century–techologically.   He is participates on the social networking sites Rebuild the Party, Facebook, and Twitter, interacting with grassroots activists dedicated to a common goal–reinvigorating the Republican Party.

For these reasons, I will be contacting the Republican National Committee members in Arkansas to encourage them to vote for Ken Blackwell in the RNC Chairman’s race.

God Bless and Merry Christmas,

John Allison, III

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Spotted: Little Piggy Gettelfinger 12-22-08

Little Piggy Gettelfinger was fulfilling his role on Fox Business News today, still whining about how unfair life is for his poor, mistreated organization. He whined about not being included in last minute talks with the White House and whined some more about how difficult the concessions will make things for the UAW.  He even goes so far today as to deny responsibility of either the UAW or management for the current predicament.  Now, he lays the entire blame on the current economic climate.

He may not realize that well run companies realize that periods of fortune are eventually followed by less fortunate times.  And I guess he doesn’t remember how close he came to not having his union subsidized by us, the U.S. taxpayers.

Had Bush remained true to our conservative principles, I can only imagine how Gettelfinger would be whining today. It just goes to show that you just can’t please a little piggy like this.

Bush (for God knows what reason) gave the Three Little Piggies $4 billion more than they last requested–and Little Piggy Gettelfinger is still whining! Oh woe is me, life is so unfair, I’m so mistreated, nobody loves me, nobody respects me, the sky is falling, etc., etc.,…

But, then at the end of pitching his fit he holds to the hope that Obama will be his Knight in Shining Armor. The valiant hero will ride in on a white horse and save the UAW from the torment visited upon it by the evil Bush Administration!

If anyone out there who calls themselves a conservative ever believed that pandering to the Democrats would further the cause of bipartisanship and bridge the divide that separates the jackasses from the elephants, this should be a wake up call. Bush gave them more than they asked for! $4 billion more, and now that the money is in the bank it’s back to politics as usual for the jackasses.

We will never gain favor with the Democrats. Not by pandering to them, not by opposing them. So why do we time and again abandon our principles in the vain hope that this time will be different? The only thing that will make them happy is our unconditional surrender. And even when they get it, they turn around and stab us in the back with it. Just like they’re doing now.

Conservatives cannot sell their philosophy to the party of jackasses, they’re not buying! We must sell it to the people. The rank and file Americans who share our conservative values. They’re out there, even in the deep blue states they’re out there. Christians, gun owners, limited government enthusiasts, and fiscal responsibility fans reside in every state of the union.

Gettelfinger’s persistent belly-aching about how he didn’t get enough from the President’s socialistic subsidies reinforces the importance of a return to our conservative roots. This seems obvious to most grassroots activists on Top Conservatives on Twitter and Rebuild the Party, two groups which sprung to life in the wake of last months defeat that are dedicated to reinvigorating the GOP. Somehow though, this idea seems lost on those who’ve led our party for the past several years.

Little Piggy Gettelfinger’s trough was just refilled with feed.  Though he hasn’t yet consumed it all, he’s already complaining that it isn’t enough.

Thanks again Mr. President.  This is precisely what we warned you would happen.

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