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Spotted: Little Piggy Gettelfinger 12-22-08

Little Piggy Gettelfinger was fulfilling his role on Fox Business News today, still whining about how unfair life is for his poor, mistreated organization. He whined about not being included in last minute talks with the White House and whined some more about how difficult the concessions will make things for the UAW.  He even goes so far today as to deny responsibility of either the UAW or management for the current predicament.  Now, he lays the entire blame on the current economic climate.

He may not realize that well run companies realize that periods of fortune are eventually followed by less fortunate times.  And I guess he doesn’t remember how close he came to not having his union subsidized by us, the U.S. taxpayers.

Had Bush remained true to our conservative principles, I can only imagine how Gettelfinger would be whining today. It just goes to show that you just can’t please a little piggy like this.

Bush (for God knows what reason) gave the Three Little Piggies $4 billion more than they last requested–and Little Piggy Gettelfinger is still whining! Oh woe is me, life is so unfair, I’m so mistreated, nobody loves me, nobody respects me, the sky is falling, etc., etc.,…

But, then at the end of pitching his fit he holds to the hope that Obama will be his Knight in Shining Armor. The valiant hero will ride in on a white horse and save the UAW from the torment visited upon it by the evil Bush Administration!

If anyone out there who calls themselves a conservative ever believed that pandering to the Democrats would further the cause of bipartisanship and bridge the divide that separates the jackasses from the elephants, this should be a wake up call. Bush gave them more than they asked for! $4 billion more, and now that the money is in the bank it’s back to politics as usual for the jackasses.

We will never gain favor with the Democrats. Not by pandering to them, not by opposing them. So why do we time and again abandon our principles in the vain hope that this time will be different? The only thing that will make them happy is our unconditional surrender. And even when they get it, they turn around and stab us in the back with it. Just like they’re doing now.

Conservatives cannot sell their philosophy to the party of jackasses, they’re not buying! We must sell it to the people. The rank and file Americans who share our conservative values. They’re out there, even in the deep blue states they’re out there. Christians, gun owners, limited government enthusiasts, and fiscal responsibility fans reside in every state of the union.

Gettelfinger’s persistent belly-aching about how he didn’t get enough from the President’s socialistic subsidies reinforces the importance of a return to our conservative roots. This seems obvious to most grassroots activists on Top Conservatives on Twitter and Rebuild the Party, two groups which sprung to life in the wake of last months defeat that are dedicated to reinvigorating the GOP. Somehow though, this idea seems lost on those who’ve led our party for the past several years.

Little Piggy Gettelfinger’s trough was just refilled with feed.  Though he hasn’t yet consumed it all, he’s already complaining that it isn’t enough.

Thanks again Mr. President.  This is precisely what we warned you would happen.

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