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Next month, 168 members will elect the next RNC Chairman, three members from each state.  At this critical point in the history of our party, a lot is riding on the outcome.  After the crushing defeat we suffered last month, we need a chairman who is open to new ideas but committed to the conservative ideals on which our party stands.

As we’ve seen in the last two election cycles, there seems to be a disconnect between the RNC and voters in our party.  In 2006, many conservative voters simply stayed home while the Democrats took control of the US House and Senate.  This year, many actually defected and chose to vote for Obama since our party seemed to have abandoned its conservative principles.  Of late, RNC strategy regarding the party base appears to have been based on the idea that we would choose the Republican candidate because it was the lesser of two evils.  While many of us obliged and stuck with the party for this reason, many others left or simply stayed home, which led to the disastrous results in November.

The 168 voting RNC members need to hear from you!  Choose Your Chairman is a website set up to make this easier than ever before.  You will find pictures of the 7 candidates and links to the websites of 6 where you can get to know the candidates.  Then simply indicate which candidate you’d like to see lead the party’s turnaround.  Using your zip code, the website will then contact your RNC voting representatives and let them know who you chose. 

It’s never been easier to make your voice heard, and this may be the most important time in the history of the Republican party that our voting members understand what voters think about the candidates.

So Choose Your Chairman who will preside over the resurgence of the GOP!

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