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Not-so-transparent transition

Well, Obama’s transition team finally released The Report!

You know, the one where the Obama transition team clears the Obama transition team of any wrongdoing in the Democratic Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich’s solicitation of personal favors in exchange for Obama’s vacated Senate seat.

The report can be summed up in one simple sentence:  We find we did nothing wrong.

How convenient!

The problem is, the report indicates the investigation wasn’t as thorough as we would expect from the “the most open and transparent transition in history.”  In fact, there are some glaring inconsistencies.

First, there’s no explanation of David Axelrod’s statements prior to the arrest of Democratic Governor Blagojevich’s arrest that Obama had spoken to the Governor numerous times about the appointment of his successor in the Senate.  Video of the interview has been removed from YouTube “due to a copyright claim by FoxNews,” but here’s an excerpt from this article:

However, David Axelrod, Mr Obama’s senior advisor, told Fox News on November 23 that the President-elect had spoken to Mr Blagojevic about the choice of his successor in the Senate. “I know he’s talked to the governor and there are a whole range of names, many of which have surfaced, and I think he has a fondness for a lot of them,” Mr Axelrod said at the time.

Despite the fact Axelrod’s original statement was unequivocal, we are expected to believe his later statement that he was mistaken.  Sorry, I don’t.

The report does disclose that Rahm Emanuel “did have contacts of the type covered” by the investigation.  In other words, Emanuel spoke to Democratic Governor Blagojevich about Obama’s successor in the US Senate.  But, on page 2 of the 5 page report, we see the investigation wasn’t even thorough enough to determine exactly how many such conversations he had.

“Mr. Emanuel had one or two telephone calls with Governor Blagojevich.”


In the very next paragraph, the following quote clearly indicates there were more than one conversation between Emanuel and Blagojevich.

“In those early conversations with the Governor, Mr. Emanuel recommended Valarie Jarrett because he knew she was interested in the seat.”

With today’s technology, it would seem quite a simple task for a real investigation to uncover exactly how many such calls were made.  But, the most transparent transition in history seems pretty opaque where this is concerned.

The investigation finds that Valerie Jarrett had no contact with the Democratic Governor’s office and that she knew nothing of his desire to personally profit from the appointment of Obama’s successor.  However, the report does state that Ms. Jarrett had contact with Tom Balanoff, the head of the Illinois chapter of the Service Employees International Union.  You know, the union that was knee-deep in Blagojevich’s scheme.  The report notes that Ms. Jarrett was informed by Mr. Balanoff that the Democratic Governor was interested in a Cabinet position in Obama’s administration.  But of course, the report concludes that Ms. Jarrett had no idea this was part of anything inappropriate.

Well, thanks Mr. President-elect!  That really clears things up. 

An incomplete investigation that obfuscates the facts certainly makes us truly thankful that we are now blessed with the “most transparent transition in history.”

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