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Lies, Misrepresentations, and Omissions from UAW


The UAW has published talking points on it’s website (and in pdf format) in an effort to get its members to sell the public on Bush’s Socialist bailout.  As we would expect, only those with some substitute for brains between their ears would believe this package of greatly exaggerated lies.   Let’s see what the union expects Americans to believe.

UAW Talking Points on Socialist Bailout of GM and Chrysler

  1. It’s good news that loans have been released to keep America’s auto factories open.
    • Good news for workers and their families at automakers, dealers, suppliers and others who are part of the auto industry that emergency bridge loans have been released to help America’s auto companies weather the current financial crisis.
    • This will help save millions of jobs, thousands of companies and hundreds of billions of dollars for taxpayers.
    • All this could have been lost if one or more automakers were forced into liquidation.
  2. A victory for UAW members and auto industry stakeholders.
    • Against tall odds, UAW members and others who are part of the auto industry carried out a successful grassroots campaign to save jobs.
    • We convinced a majority in the House and Senate and the White House to back legislation for emergency bridge loans.
    • When a minority of senators blocked passage of this critical bill, President Bush reversed his position and agreed to release Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) funds to help the auto industry.
  3. The UAW appreciates President Bush’s action to release these emergency funds, but we’re disappointed he attached strings which unfairly single out workers.
    • These targets were not in the bipartisan legislation which passed the House of Representatives and which won support from a majority of senators.
    • It’s unfair and unworkable to single out one group to bear the burden of restructuring the auto industry. We will work with the Obama Administration and the new Congress to have these unfair targets removed.
    • To succeed in rebuilding our industry, all groups must participate — management, directors, dealers, suppliers, bondholders and workers.
  4. Hard work still ahead.
    • In the coming months, we’ll work with all stakeholders to create a viable long-term future for the auto industry.
    • This will include top quality cars for consumers and building the fuel-efficient cars of the future and key components here in the United States.
    • Sacrifices will be required from all stakeholders.
    • Working together, we can succeed — the same way we won support for the emergency bridge loans which will help save American jobs and American companies.

I guess this is good news for UAW workers who cost the auto companies ~$70 per hour and for the overpaid executives who’ve run these once great countries into the ground.  It’s not good for those of us who will be taxed to subsidize the bloated, inefficient, and incompetent businesses which continue to lose market share.  And it’s not good for our children who will inherit Uncle Sam’s ever-increasing debt which will act as a ball and chain as they step out into the world and attempt to secure their place in it.

The #2 talking point fails to mention they successfully secured this Socialist bailout to the detriment of free market principles and the system of checks and balances our forefathers considered essential to our republic.  And exactly how does spending billions (which also practically guaranteeing spending many more billions in the future) to prop up an unsustainable, unprofitable business model save the taxpayer “hundreds of billions of dollars?”

I guess the UAW has forgotten that Gettelfinger seemed inclined to make concessions when the Socialist bailout was in doubt, but quickly changed his mind as soon as the check was in the mail.  It seems he was willing to say whatever it took to get the loans that would enable him to retain power, but his words were like so many empty promises.

And finally, sacrifices will be required by all stakeholders and all other Americans (who have no stake in the American auto industry) and future generations of Americans to subsidize a poorly run industry that’s most likely to continue making the same mistakes that have led to its current predicament.

Sorry Little Piggy Gettelfinger, we’re still not buying it.  Learn to live by the same rules the rest of us have to live by.

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  1. Though I know we stand on the opposite side of the fence on many areas, this is definitely one in which we stand together on. For me, Ron Paul is the only true Republican left in our congress. On many, not all, of his issues I am in agreement with him. And this entire bail-out plan smells worse the more I learn about it. Once again, We, the People have been ripped off. Thanks, Jim

    P.S., I know we will have great differences in our opinions, but it seems we share the same passion in somehow voicing our discontents. That is why you are on my blogroll. Thanks for speaking up for what you believe in. It is a rare thing in today’s America.

    Comment by Jim Lunsford | December 26, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks Jim. I think we’re usually hard-pressed to find anybody we agree with on everything. I’m all for working together for what we believe is right. I thought I’d added you to my blogroll the other day, but I guess I must have just linked to it.

    I’ll add it now.

    Comment by John Allison, III | December 26, 2008 | Reply

  3. I agree with all your comments about the UAW and Big 3 Bridge Loan aka Bailout.

    What are the wages of the UAW Little Piggy Gettelfinger and his thugs? Perhaps they would work for a $1.00 yearly salary plus NO BONUS until this mess is straightened out.

    Also, the UAW “brainwashing” seminar Resort should be SOLD. Give the union members’ dues, used towards this Resort, back by depositing the proceeds into the UAW Pension Fund.

    What about the millions donated to the Obama Campaign by the UAW? This seems to be PAY TO PLAY money. UAW gives to Obama Campaign …Obama repays UAW when President.

    I’m a retired taxpayer that’s outraged with the way my tax monies are being spent!!! I will NOT buy a BIG3 vehicle unless they reorganize through bankrupcy! Just the opposite of what they think the consumer would do! The Big 3 and UAW needs to do the right thing!

    Comment by C. A. Baldwin | December 27, 2008 | Reply

  4. […] this is bad enough considering the UAW fought tooth and nail for the Socialist bailout of GM and Chrysler these past two months, a bailout that picks the […]

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