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Former US Rep. Cythia McKinney in the News Again


Thanks to The Intellectual Redneck for alerting me to this story!

Cynthia McKinney (yes the former US Congresswoman famous for open demonstrations of her stupidity), a member of the group Free Gaza, boarded the SS Dignity in Cyprus with several other “peace” activists intent on running the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza.  According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the group’s mission was to deliver medical supplies to the beleaguered terrorist state.

This left wing website sees this act as one the Green Party, under whose banner McKinney ran for President of the US in 2008, should take pride in.  But we expect such nonsense from the liberal activists who demand protection for Palestinian terrorists who intentionally kill Israeli women and children with their rockets and bombs.

McKinney made quite the name for herself in Congress when she struck a Capitol police officer with her cell phone in 2006.  Strutting through the Capitol without visible credentials she was unrecognized by the officer who simply asked for her identification.  Instead of showing it, she went into a tirade that resulted in the striking of the officer.  The left-wing activist Congresswoman then went on a public relations campaign leveling charges of racial profiling against the Capitol Police.  Eventually though, the embarassed Democratic Caucus pressured her to apologize for striking the officer.

She’s known for her dubious claims and outright lies.  According to her, Bush had prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks.  Denouncing the Nobel Peace Prize, she claimed to speak on behalf of the millions who had died at the hand of the UN.  She’s been known to defend the tyrant President of Zimbabwe, Mugabe, who has led a once profitable and productive nation to poverty and famine. 

And now, this left-wing radical nutcase is taking on the State of Israel, challenging its right to defend itself against terror attacks launched from the Gaza Strip–that small strip of land ruled by the terror group Hamas.

This is not a mission of mercy for McKinney, it’s a publicity stunt.  And once again, an idiotic one.


Bon voyage, Jihad Cindy McKinney; Update: Israeli Navy turns back S.S. Moonbat–Michelle Malkin

Yachting Moonbat Alert–The Intellectual Redneck

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  1. I am a Jewish Democrat. I also believe McKinney is a nut job not taken seriously by any mainstream Democrat. I don’t take pride in anyhting she does. I supported Denise Majette in the 2002 primary, which McKinney lost. She has had long history of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish views that offend most ordinary Americans iregardless of their political color.

    Comment by Jack Karako | December 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. […] be required to end it, how to deal with the humanitarian crisis inside Gaza, and such things as the incident involving the Dignity and journalists’ access to the […]

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