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Been There, Done That: Dems’ Strategy in MN

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It looks like we can count on the Democrats to implement this “count ’til we win” strategy anytime we have a close election.

In 2000, in Florida they counted, counted, counted, and counted again and were prepared to count some more before SCOTUS finally put a stop to it.  Recall though, after the initial recount Democrats only wanted subsequent recounts in counties that would favor their party.  With sympathetic election officials using magnifying glasses to identify flyspecks that “obviously indicated” the voter intended to vote for Gore, Bush’s lead dwindled with each recount.  The Florida Supreme Court was perfectly willing to allow this obvious cheating until they “found” enough votes to put Gore on top.  Fortunately, SCOTUS put a stop to it before the Democratic thieves stole the election.

They tried to do the same thing in Ohio in 2004 in an effort to give the election to Kerry, but this time then-Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell (currently a candidate for RNC Chairman) certified the vote to avoid this insanity yet again.  Though stealing 119,000 votes would have been a far more difficult task, the Democrats were ready to try.  Fortunately, Blackwell put an end to the “count ’til Dems win” process then.

That same year though, the Washington governor’s race was stolen using this Democratic strategy.  From the WSJ:

In Washington’s 2004 gubernatorial election, at least 1,392 felons illegally voted, 252 provisional ballots were wrongly counted, and 19 votes were cast from beyond the grave, according to Chelan County Superior Court Judge John Bridges’s opinion in a case brought by Dino Rossi, Ms. Gregoire’s Republican opponent.

King County election officials admitted to doctoring ballots as well as discovering and counting unsecured ballots. Even after the first recount Rossi was leading by 42 votes.  Then labor unions and left-wing groups such as pooled money to fund an expensive state-wide hand recount that gave Gregoire a 133 vote winning margin.  Little wonder in left-leaning Washington state.

And now, we’re seeing the same thing in MN with the US Senate race between Sen. Norm Coleman and comedian turned politician Al Franken.  Numerous recounts have double counted votes that almost certainly favored Franken, thrown out ballots that would likely favor Coleman, and dubiously divined voter intent to favor Franken on quite a few questionable ballots.

Evidently the new Democratic slogan in close races is “Count, count, count again.  We’ll count the votes until we win!”


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  1. […] was able to put an end to their strategy before they could steal enough votes.  They successfully stole the Washington governor’s race that same year using this strategy and now it appears to have worked for them once […]

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