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Barack in Limbo

by Michael Reagan on

As he stands on the sidelines, seemingly oblivious to what’s going on in the world, President-elect Barack Obama opts out of the game by proclaiming that there’s only one president at a time.

That’s another way of saying, “Let George do it,” when the Middle East erupts in violence, the economy continues to slump, and the governor of his state defies demands that he step down.

His almost nonchalant approach to the turmoil around him has thus far protected him from adverse reactions from his real base — the media — but that immunity from harsh criticism has not extended to his political base, the far left. They are after him hammer and tongs.

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The Tweety Bird Defense

by Dave Mason on The Foundry

Those who remember the Warren Court recall imaginative renderings of the constitution to expand criminal’s rights coupled with outright judicial hostility to police. The result was a national crime wave only recently curbed by new police techniques and more favorable rulings from the Supreme Court.

Now that Barack Obama has identified Earl Warren as a model judge, we could face a judicial flashback to the 1970s. Unfortunately, we have a preview of what that might look like from a recent Sixth Circuit case involving a drug arrest in Michigan.

The suspect, Lonnie Ray Davis, was pulled over for violating a Michigan law prohibiting “dangling ornaments” that obstruct a driver’s vision. Davis had a 4” Tweety Bird statue dangling by a 3” string on his rear view mirror.

When he was pulled over, Davis admitted he had no drivers license, and was arrested. A search revealed an open pint of Hennessey Cognac, a stun gun in his waist, 2 baggies of crack cocaine in his sock, four rolled up wads of cash in his pocket, and a loaded .380 pistol under the drivers’ seat.

So, we have Tweety Bird, open booze, no license, two weapons, illicit drugs packaged for sale, and the apparent proceeds of prior sales. What were the honorable judges of the Sixth Circuit worried about? Tweety Bird, of course! You just can’t trust those cops, the judges concluded, to tell the difference between a dangling Tweety Bird ornament (not allowed) and a parking pass (ok). Even though Davis’ lawyers had not even raised the point, the judges struck down the Michigan “ornament” law finding it too vague to trust police with enforcing it.

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Reid (D-NV) Moves to Help MN Dems Steal Election

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) today declared the MN Senate race all but over, and appears ready to overstep his constitutional authority and seat Democratic comedian-turned-politician Al Franken before a winner is declared in the MN Senate race.

With around 2,000 absentee ballots apparently invalidated without cause (other than the obvious fact they’re likely to favor incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman, R-MN), Reid has decided that Franken’s dubious 47 vote lead is sufficient to declare him the winner and seat him as Minnesotan’s next representative in the US Senate.  Even the current lead of 47 votes is suspect due to the numerous questionable tactics used by the State Canvassing Board in the several recounts since the November 4 election.

Still, by his self-granted powers to subvert Minnesota’s legal process to determine the winner of the race, is making statements that imply Franken will be seated before the recount is officially over.

If there’s a silver lining in this Democratic power grab to coronate a Senator instead of electing him, its that this may be the final straw for many GOP leaders who finally appear ready to do battle with the Machiavellian Democratic Party.  Here are some quotes from influential Republican leaders on Reid’s latest dictum.

RNC Chair candidate Ken Blackwell

“The American people will see right through Harry Reid’s crass partisan power grab…He wants to manufacture a filibuster-proof majority to push through his liberal agenda. Americans expect fairness, but Reid is offering political games. There are over 1,300 disputed ballots in Minnesota that must be resolved before anyone is seated.”

Executive Director of the Republican National Lawyers’ Assn Michael B. Thielen

“To say the race is ready to be certified is ridiculous…We’ve still got a long way to go, including the issue of double-counting of ballots, which has to be resolved by the courts.”

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX)

“Minnesotans will not accept a recount in which some votes are counted twice, and I expect the Senate would have a problem seating a candidate who has not duly won an election.”

Minnesota GOP Chairman Ron Carey

“Harry Reid’s insertion of Senate Democrats into this process is entirely inappropriate. Minnesotans should have the final say who represents them in Washington, not Senate Democrat leaders. Minnesota has a process that will verify Norm Coleman was elected to continue to serve as our senior senator.”

Hopefully, this brazen, premature move by Reid in his quest to impose a near filibuster-proof majority in the US Senate will galvanize GOP resolve, resulting in a stronger, more cohesive conservative Republican Party.


A future recount fight? Reading of statute 204c.40sub2–The Political Animal

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Senior Hamas Leader Killed in Air Strike

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An Israeli airstrike leveled the 4-story apartment building senior Hamas official Nizar Rayan called home, resuming the practice of targeting Hamas leaders that was suspended during the 6-month cease fire that expired last month.

Just yesterday, Rayan declared “God willing, Hamas will win.”

Maybe God is telling Hamas whose side he’s on…

Here’s the AP article.

Israel kills top Hamas figure, escalating campaign

By IBRAHIM BARZAK and AMY TEIBEL, Associated Press Writers

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Israel dropped a one-ton bomb on the home of a Hamas strongman Thursday, killing him along with two wives and four children in the first attack on the top leadership of Gaza’s rulers. As the aerial bombardment escalated, the army said it was also poised to launch a ground invasion. Israel also appeared to be sounding out a possible diplomatic exit from the 6-day-old military offensive against Hamas by demanding international monitors as a key term of any future truce.

The bombing targeted 49-year-old Nizar Rayan, ranked among Hamas’ top five decision-makers in Gaza. His four-story apartment building crashed to the ground, sending a thick plume of smoke into the air and heavily damaging neighboring buildings. It killed Rayan and 11 others, including two of his four wives and four of his 12 children, Palestinian health officials said. The Muslim faith allows men to have up to four wives.

Israel has made clear that no one in Hamas is immune in this offensive, and the strike that flattened Rayan’s apartment building in the northern town of Jebaliya drove that message home.

“We are trying to hit everybody who is a leader of the organization, and today we hit one of their leaders,” Israeli Vice Premier Haim Ramon said in a television interview.

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More UAW abuses

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This investigative report caught union bosses skipping out of work early, hours early, on a regular basis, leaving work to take care of personal business while remaining on the clock, and sleeping in while on the company dime.

Rescue 4 also reports posts on discussion boards at Ford admonishing those who tipped the reporters, saying the informants should be ashamed to call themselves UAW members and Ford employees.  Absolutely amazing what this mob mentality produces in defense of its indefensible actions.

The report also shows comments from UAW members who find the conduct of the union bosses unacceptable.  One even invited the investigators to do a report on his plant, saying it “would make this story look like nothing.”

Great job to Rescue 4 for taking on Little Piggie Gettelfinger’s organization.

Just remember ladies and gentleman, before you chose whether or not to fund this wasteful organization by deciding whether or not to purchase one of the Big 3’s vehicles.  Now, thanks to Bush and the Democrats in Congress, all of us who pay taxes are required to pitch in to pay these union bosses to sleep in and get haircuts.


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Bailing out UAW Tax Crooks?

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Oh the story of Little Piggie Gettelfinger just keeps getting better all the time.

By now, you’ve likely read all about the the UAW’s $33 million Black Lake Golf Club.  Well, maybe not all.

It seems the UAW isn’t as concerned about all the citizens of Michigan as it is its dues paying members.  Cheboygan County Drain Commissioner-elect Dennis Lennox has issued a press release detailing the UAW’s repeated efforts to avoid paying property taxes on the luxury resort for union bosses.  You can view the press release in its entirety on Michelle Malkin’s blog here.

Apparently, the UAW carries the resort and golf course on it’s books at $33 million when reporting to the federal government but has spent the last 4 years fighting the county’s efforts to collect property tax on that amount.  According to Lennox’s statement, the courts have actually reduced the valuation several times allowing the UAW to receive more favorable tax treatment than other property owners in the county.

Now, this is bad enough considering the UAW fought tooth and nail for the Socialist bailout of GM and Chrysler these past two months, a bailout that picks the pockets of the rest of us taxpayers who pay our fair share.  It gets even worse when you take into account this organization and it’s boss, Little Piggy Gettelfinger campaigned for and donated to the presidential campaign that told us it’s “patriotic” to pay more taxes.  But it gets even worse when you consider exactly what Michigan property taxes support.

Property taxes support schools and local governments in Michigan.  So the UAW, spends union dues (that will soon be coming from our pockets) to support a $33 million luxury resort that has lost $27 million over the past 5 years (WOW!!!) and then has the gall to cheat Michigan schoolchildren out of decent textbooks and educational facilities!  And don’t forget, those local governments are charged with furnishing little amenities like water and sanitation services to those children and their families as well.  Less tax money translates to higher rates for these vital services.

So, let’s tie all of this together. 

The UAW seizes money from autoworkers in the form of dues, then wastes that money on a money losing luxury golf resort so union bosses can “relax” from the pressures of their extortion racket, then proceeds to demand that the US government use taxpayer’s money to supply more cash for them to waste, and all the while takes every opportunity to ripoff the good citizens of Michigan and deny them and their children quality education, clean water, and sanitation services.

And the UAW acts shocked that we didn’t support their bailout.



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Weekly Radio Address 12-24-08

This weeks address was actually given on 12-24-08, called a Special Holiday Message by the Obama camp.  I’ll call it a Chistmas Eve Address.

Obama praises our troops and their families for their service to the country.  He actually says he and Michelle have them in their “prayers this Christmas.”

He follows this saying the spirit that will guide his administration is the philosophy “I am my brother’s keeper.”  This appears to reference the “spread the wealth” comment that caused him grief on the campaign trail.  His “common purpose” and “shared citizenship” do nothing to relieve the concerns we have of the libs’ new Golden Child marching us straight into Socialism.

We’ll soon find out what part of “the greatest country on Earth” he wants us to join with him “to change it.”  January 20 is rapidly approaching.

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