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Reid (D-NV) Moves to Help MN Dems Steal Election

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) today declared the MN Senate race all but over, and appears ready to overstep his constitutional authority and seat Democratic comedian-turned-politician Al Franken before a winner is declared in the MN Senate race.

With around 2,000 absentee ballots apparently invalidated without cause (other than the obvious fact they’re likely to favor incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman, R-MN), Reid has decided that Franken’s dubious 47 vote lead is sufficient to declare him the winner and seat him as Minnesotan’s next representative in the US Senate.  Even the current lead of 47 votes is suspect due to the numerous questionable tactics used by the State Canvassing Board in the several recounts since the November 4 election.

Still, by his self-granted powers to subvert Minnesota’s legal process to determine the winner of the race, is making statements that imply Franken will be seated before the recount is officially over.

If there’s a silver lining in this Democratic power grab to coronate a Senator instead of electing him, its that this may be the final straw for many GOP leaders who finally appear ready to do battle with the Machiavellian Democratic Party.  Here are some quotes from influential Republican leaders on Reid’s latest dictum.

RNC Chair candidate Ken Blackwell

“The American people will see right through Harry Reid’s crass partisan power grab…He wants to manufacture a filibuster-proof majority to push through his liberal agenda. Americans expect fairness, but Reid is offering political games. There are over 1,300 disputed ballots in Minnesota that must be resolved before anyone is seated.”

Executive Director of the Republican National Lawyers’ Assn Michael B. Thielen

“To say the race is ready to be certified is ridiculous…We’ve still got a long way to go, including the issue of double-counting of ballots, which has to be resolved by the courts.”

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX)

“Minnesotans will not accept a recount in which some votes are counted twice, and I expect the Senate would have a problem seating a candidate who has not duly won an election.”

Minnesota GOP Chairman Ron Carey

“Harry Reid’s insertion of Senate Democrats into this process is entirely inappropriate. Minnesotans should have the final say who represents them in Washington, not Senate Democrat leaders. Minnesota has a process that will verify Norm Coleman was elected to continue to serve as our senior senator.”

Hopefully, this brazen, premature move by Reid in his quest to impose a near filibuster-proof majority in the US Senate will galvanize GOP resolve, resulting in a stronger, more cohesive conservative Republican Party.


A future recount fight? Reading of statute 204c.40sub2–The Political Animal

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  1. So if two Republican Supreme Court Justices (Head of the recount) and one Democratic SOS (Secretary of State) certify an election but Coleman wants to cry about it to the courts, the people of the US should just wait? Yeah, right. It’s not even unprecedented for a Senator to be seated in this fashion, so I don’t even see where you get the word “Steal?”

    Coleman will still have his day in court and if he prevails in court (which could take months) he’d take over the seat but in the meantime the people’s business can be done…or are you afraid there’s a Republican who would ever side with the Democrats?

    Only a devil could lie so much with a straight face. Go back to Hell, spawn!

    Comment by amsron | January 3, 2009 | Reply

  2. we need a “final solution” to the Democrat problem..

    Comment by patriotflier | January 3, 2009 | Reply

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