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Looks like Dems have stolen MN Senate seat

Well, it looks like the Democrats have successfully stolen another election.  Franken now holds a 225 vote lead over Coleman in the Minnesota Senate race.  After throwing out thousands of absentee ballots (disenfranchising thousands of voters), counting votes twice in Franken leaning areas, “finding” votes for Franken in the trunk of an election official’s car, inconsistently and irrationally throwing out obvious votes for Coleman and counting not-so-obvious for Franken, and now only counting previously rejected absentee ballots in areas that favored Franken, it appears comedian-turned-politician Al Franken will be seated as the next MN Senator.

The obvious cheating seems to be the latest Democratic strategy to win close elections.  If they’re losing on election day in left-leaning areas, they’re not worried.  They now know they can simply keep counting until they win.  They tried it in Florida in 2000, and until the SCOTUS finally put a stop to the madness they gained votes with each recount.  They tried again in Ohio in 2004, but fortunately then-Republican Secretary of State Ken Blackwell was able to put an end to their strategy before they could steal enough votes.  They successfully stole the Washington governor’s race that same year using this strategy and now it appears to have worked for them once again.

Count on seeing Democrats employ this deplorable strategy every time they see an opportunity to overturn the results of an election.  It’s absolutely disgusting.

Minnesotans, it appears you’ll be able to call this your new Senator:

Coleman will likely file a lawsuit to challenge the results, but at this point it appears the Dems have succeeded in stealing another election.

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  1. Fitting turn of events since our new president and leader of this retard franken’s party jsut stole lied and cheated his way into office so really none of this is of any suprise, at least to me it isnt. I think 2008 will officialy be considered in the mind of America as the year of corrupt elections and phony candidates and the democrats will get all the credit for that too. Real question to ask here is what will the RNC and fair-minded Americans try to do about this and will there be an outcry from the public in Minnesota demanding that there be investigations by the Justice Dept and not by democrat controlled political puppets?

    Comment by Steve Catalano | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. Steve,

    We can hang our hopes on the fact that at least half of Minnesotans refused to vote for the idiot-turned-politician Franken, including more than 100,000 who voted for Obama.

    Minnesota isn’t totally lost to left-wing radical nutcases, but it’s too close for comfort (or at least it was on 4 November.) Hopefully, these shenanigans will turn the tide and bring some fence-straddlers back to the right.

    Comment by John Allison, III | January 5, 2009 | Reply

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