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Trouble in Obamatopia!

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Last month, President-elect Barack Hussein Obama’s old friend, old buddy, old pal Rod Blagojevich (Democratic Governor of Illinois) became a speed bump in what was appearing to be an extremely smooth transition when the FBI arrested him for attempting to sell Obama’s vacated Senate seat.

Obama’s transition team quickly (but waited until 2 days before Christmas to release the report to minimze public scrutiny) investigated itself and (not surpisingly) found no wrongdoing on the part of the Democratic President-elect or his closest advisors.  That report raised more questions than it answered, but timing of the scandal has helped Obama avoid taking too big a bath in his pal’s troubles.

Today, his appointee for Secretary of Commerce, Bill Richardson, has withdrawn his name for the position due to worries.  In true Obamesque fashion, Richardson denies any wrongdoing related to the FBI investigation of a contractor who secured $1.4 million in state business after contributing to the New Mexico governor’s political action committees.

In spite of the President-elect’s attempts of late to avoid drawing attention to himself during the escalating tensions in the Middle East, he’s starting to feel the heat and gravity of the office to which he was elected.

He talked a good talk in the campaign, but his recent irritation over all the attention he’s receiving makes one wonder if he’ll be able to handle the pressures and walk the walk.


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