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Israeli Ground Offensive in Gaza

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After 8 days of aerial attack on Hamas positions in Gaza, the terrorist organization refused to stop its rocket and mortar attacks against Israeli civilians.  In an effort to secure the safety of its citizens, Israel has put boots on the ground and surrounded Gaza City in a mission to destroy Hamas’ military capability to threaten Israelis in the southern villages and towns.

At the moment, it appears the United States may be the only friend Israel has.  Governments around the globe are condemning Israel’s ground offensive (Arab nations, Asian nations, Turkey, India, Greece, Venezuela, Cuba, European nations, and I’m sure there are plenty more), but President Bush and even high ranking Democratic Senators of both parties still maintain Israel is within its rights.  The United States seems almost alone in condemning the Hamas attacks on Israeli civilians.  Apparently Israeli deaths don’t bother the international community.

Anyone who has served in the combat arms of the military understands this is not what Israel wants.  The Gaza Strip is a tiny piece of land, about 140 square miles, populated by approximately 1.5 million Palestinians.  In other words, it’s quite crowded. 

Urban warfare is the most dangerous fighting there is for an attacking force, because the enemy can hide almost anywhere.  Hamas certainly knows the urban areas of Gaza better than the Israeli ground soldiers who will be responsible for clearing buildings and locating weapons caches.  This is a guerilla fighter’s choice of battlefield.  What I’m getting at here, is that Israeli commanders and politicians don’t desire this phase of the conflict, but obviously consider it essential to accomplishing their mission–“to significantly disable the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas and produce lasting change in the security predicament affecting residents of southern Israel.”

According to news reports, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) haven’t yet entered Gaza City or other large urban centers in Gaza.  Instead, they’ve surrounded Gaza City and divided the country into three parts.  They cleared the northern village of Beit Lahia, from which most residents had already fled, and have most likely formed a defensive front somewhere between that village and Gaza City to keep Hamas rocket and mortar brigades from leaving the city to fire their weapons into from the north. Israeli forces have also been reported to have reached Netzarim to the south of Gaza City.

The last thing the Israelis want to do is enter densely populated Gaza City. Let’s zoom in and get a closer look at what they’d be fighting.

In dense urban areas such as this, tanks and other armored vehicles are channeled down narrow streets lined with hideouts where the enemy can lie in wait and attack at close range. Ground troops must enter and clear every building–an extremely difficult and dangerous endeavor. Effectively, the Israeli advantage over Hamas guerilla fighters is greatly reduced in this environment. Only Hamas relishes the thought of fighting on the streets of Gaza City.

If the IDF enters the city proper, it’s only because its generals and Israel’s politicians see no other alternative to end Hamas rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli citizens.

Today’s news from Gaza reports the IDF is now tightening the noose around the city, engaging Hamas militants in the suburbs to the north. Troops stationed to the south of the city are preventing resupply and reinforcements from that direction.

Militarily, the preferrable course of action would be to set a perimeter and beseige the city, but it might take several weeks to force a surrender. International pressure that would mount in response to the certain humanitarian crisis that would develop likely makes takes this option off the table for Israel. It’s doubtful that even US politicians who still support Israel would continue in supporting such a strategy, and Israel is plagued by uncertainty of what course the new Obama administration will take after 20 January when the new President will be sworn in.

Barack Hussein Obama has remained eerily quiet on the subject since the beginning of the Israeli offensive on Hamas. If he supported Bush’s position, it would greatly ease Israel’s mind and give her military more flexibility in strategy and tactics. There’s little doubt Israeli leaders believe they may be “up against the clock” to wrap up the campaign, or at least accomplish as much as they can by the inauguration.

Hamas could have avoided this entire conflict by recognizing Israel’s right to exist and denouncing terrorism.  Instead, it fired rockets and mortars at Israeli civilians.  Now, the terror organization is giving its conditions for a cease fire, but they offer nothing to eliminate the threat to Israel.  Hamas’ conditions (end to Israeli offensive, end blockade and open all borders) fail to satisfy Israeli objectives and would almost certainly guarantee a restart of its attacks on Israel in the future.

Good luck and God speed Israel.


Hamas Leaders Exploit Israeli Honor, Hide in Hospital Disguised as Doctors and Nurses–All American Blogger

Israel, Hamas, Hatred & the Media–ARRA News Service

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  1. Congratulations Israel, you have just made innocent children into your next attackers, they will not forget you and what you have done to them. You remember what the Nazi’s did to you , so in turn these young children you are slaughtering will not be forgotten either. You can count on that, you are your own worse enemy, you have become animals, like the Nazi’s, you are no different at all, actually you are worse. Your day of reckoning is on the way.
    Your ignorance is now being recognized by the world.

    Comment by Michael | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. @ Imran. It’s obvious that Mr. Falk and Mr. Sheets have never lived under threat of rocket fire from an enemy sworn to their annihilation.

    Your sources may claim objectivity but they are anything but objective.

    Comment by John Allison, III | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  3. @ Michael. Had Hamas chosen to spend their money on food, fuel, and medical supplies instead of rockets and explosives, we wouldn’t be having this discussion now.

    Continue to ignore terror attacks on Israel, Hamas’ sworn mission to annihilate Israel, and Hamas’ indoctrination of it’s youngest children to follow in its suicidal footsteps and you sir are helping to create the next wave of radical militant Islamists who will again bring down the wrath of Israeli firepower on Palestinian civilians.

    You and your ilk are almost as responsible as the terrorists themselves for the situation that has claimed far too many lives in the region over the years.

    Comment by John Allison, III | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  4. you are insulting yourself when you beutifully explain “they are dying because they are being used as human shields!” How stupid are you? Children started dying before the invasion started last week. They started dying 3 years ago when The Israeli Nazi’s blockaded Gaza fully, blocking entry of food, water, electricity and medicine. And last week you just finished they off, you Nazi pigs! Children are being bombarded in their homes. Entire families of 7, 8, 9 or more are being cold-bloodedly killed at once. Human shields? Hitler should have accused your grandparents of depriving oxygen from the air with your big-jew noses! I hope a rocket hits you in the forehead.

    Comment by Brandon | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  5. The primary reason for the chaos and the constant fighting is ISRAEL and those jews in D.C that are more loyal to Israel than to America. The whole world is witnessing mass killings of children who you say “are being used as human shields!!!” how stupid and inconsiderate, when the children are being killed in their homes. Families of 8, 9 or more are being decentegraded into ashes because of the Israeli bombardment (Just like the 1000’s that were killed in Lebanon in 2006…if your empty head remembers!). As I was saying, America is the only country objecting resolutions condemning Israelis for their cruel murders, and that, my friend (enemy), what makes America is the Biggest supporter of terror in the world. The PAlestinians, since the creation of this zionist country, negotiated down to more than %85 of their original land. You, Israelis, are the ones that are never happy and keep building illegal settlements and violate ALL of the UN resolutions that call for removal of those settlements that are the source of true terrorism. Israel has proven to be a BAD NEIGHBOR for the past 100 years and was the source of most of the “true holocausts” in the world. They have earned the title of “children killers,” Today, the death toll in Gaza stands at 550 1/3 of which are children under 10. How do you justfy that? Other than the Evilness and the disreguard for human lives and humanity. Yeah, we do hate Israel more than anything, and thats because we’ve been their neighbors for a very long time and we know their “truth” more than anyone else. Their truth is that to them a non-jew is not worth a dime and is called a “goim”. Do you think they care how many children they behead? their agenda is to dominate the world (by leaching on the super power, USA) and make everyone their servant. They succeeded in America and most of Europe(proof: you can doubt the existance of God but you can’t doubt the existance of the holocausts….lol), but not in our terrirories! Death to the Zionists!

    Comment by JackOfHeart | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  6. Hamas rockets are only an excuse for continuation of the Zionist agenda, which is the expansion of Israel borders withouts limits. Can one of you jew asses tell us where the Israeli borders end? They dont even recognize borders.

    Comment by JackOfHeart | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  7. Michael,

    How can you possibly compare the targeting killing of terrorists to Nazism? On the contrary, your denial of Israel’s right to defend itself against lethal Hamas attacks – essentially having them and their children be sitting ducks for genocidal terrorists – seems to fit the Nazi bill quite squarely.

    The painful scenes that Palestinian children are witnessing are sad, but also important. Palestinian children are also learning an important life lesson – terrorism against innocent civilians doesn’t pay. Far from achieving independence and honor, it brings Palestinians suffering, humiliation and devastation. Instead of building rockets and training to be suicide bombers perhaps these children will do something more than their foolish parents – perhaps they’ll build themselves an economy, hospitals, and infrastructure and become something more than a hotbed for terrorism and hate.

    Comment by Yigal | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  8. Just so everyone reading these comments knows, the comments from Brandon and JackOfHeart were sent using the same email address. I don’t know if they are one person, or two people using the same address.

    @JackOfHeart and Brandon,

    It is Hamas who foolishly clings to its sworn mission of destroying Israel.

    It is Hamas who was killing its own people the other day to instill fear in Palestinians and keep them from working with Israelis to end the reign of the terrorist regime.

    You mention the Lebanon war in 2006, yes I remember it. Hamas saw the Israeli response to Hezbollah rockets then and chose to use the same tactics and didn’t expect a similar response? Even you can’t be so stupid as to believe that. Hamas wanted this war, they wanted dead and maimed Palestinian children to show on television to perpetuate the anti-Semitic leanings of the international community.

    Seeing that Hamas smuggled weapons to attack Israel instead of smuggling food and medical supplies to relieve the supposed suffering of the people of Gaza, I credit Hamas with the intentional suffering of its people. The smuggling of weapons shows that any Israeli blockade was justified.

    I’ve visited Israel on two occasions and I’m not Jewish. I saw no such attitude toward non-Jews like you describe. However, I do see recordings of radical Islamic clerics, and of Muslim schoolchildren’s lessons that plainly state that it is the duty of every Muslim to kill any “nonbeliever.” You sir are a liar and not a very good one. Nobody believes your vitiolic rantings.

    I think I’ve provided sufficient responses to your rabid lies and slander. Your hatred of Jews blinds you to truth and common sense.

    Comment by John Allison, III | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  9. Yes, Michael, Jews remember what Nazis and Nazis’ arab frields did to them during WWII and don’t want a repetition. So, when Hamas comes with an idea of a new Holocaust, it get a correct response, may be a bit soft for now.

    Islamic fanatics treat their children differently than the rest of humanity. Iranians used to send kids to mine fields to clear it for soldjers. Hamas people sent kids to blow themselves up to get 72 virgins and paradise. Now Hamas fighters hide behind the children and build a great PR campaign standing on their little corpses. Such ideology is worse than Nazi and its carriers have to be eliminated.

    Jack, there is no blockade of the west Bank, and living standards there are growing – because they don’t shoot rockets, kidnap soldjers and don’d do troubles. Hamas does not care about people, it is a fundametalist ideology from Iran. This is the real evil of the region.

    Jack, neither Jews, nor Americans are afraid of you. You may scream and burn a couple of flags, but people like you don’t do inventions, don’t develop industries and don’t trade with others to advance their society, they are fated to be sore losers. And terrirism conducted by Hamas barbarians makes decent people hate you.

    Comment by Bob | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  10. Great points Bob. Thanks.

    Comment by John Allison, III | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  11. The only thing I can think of Europe is that they are cheering on Hamas to finish the job that Hitler started. There is no way at all this compares to Rowanda, or the Sudan in deaths to civilians. I don’t remember all of this outcry from European leaders then. So their actions now strike me as suspicious. And I don’t remember the British protesting the fire bombing of Dresden. Come to think of it there were a few more civilians killed there also. Should they find those old men that flew in those planes and try them as war criminals?

    Comment by Scott | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  12. The first poster here, Michael, is delusional in the extreme. Israel wants nothing more than to simply be left alone. Perhaps Michael should take a look into the atrocities committed by Hamas and the Palestinians. Perhaps Michael should take a look into cases like those of Shalhevet Pass; an innocent 10 MONTH old Israeli girl whose head was ripped open by a snipers bullet. If Hamas truly wanted peace they would stop bombing Israel. I can’t get my hands around logic like that expressed by Michael. Hamas launches bombs and missiles into Israel and yet Israel is not allowed to retaliate? Israel gave the Palestinians that which they always claimed they wanted, a state of their own. And in response they elecet a terrorist group like Hamas to lead them?

    Comment by Keith | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  13. JackofHeart, answer me this:

    What happened after Israel was declared a nation? Did the Jews work on building their own nation only to be invaded by the combined armies of FOUR arab nations or did they engage in a war of expansionism? Did Israel, after beating back those armies not give back most of the land they won after they were attacked and rightfuly defended themselves?

    Your hatred and bigotry has blinded you from the truth Jack and that is so terribly sad.

    Comment by Keith | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  14. Who uses the lives of children for their own agenda?
    World! Get your facts straight! At:

    Comment by mosheg | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  15. One more for JAck and then I am done.

    Jack said “The PAlestinians, since the creation of this zionist country, negotiated down to more than %85 of their original land.”

    What land Jack? What were Palestines original borders? For that matter, who was their President before Arafat? What was their political system? Their flag? Their anthem?

    The truth is that there has NEVER before been a Palestine. The Gaza Strip was taken from Jordan after Jordan invaded. The Golan Heights from Syria and the West Bank from Egypt, all taken after those nations invaded Israel.

    Why do I bother when I know that you just can’t fix stupid?

    Comment by Keith | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  16. Bob, your comment about Muslims treating their children differently than the rest of humanity is bigoted and repulsive. It is clear that Israelis share the same beliefs and by dehumanizing Muslims and their children, it is OK to kill them. It is truly ashame to read and hear this but not unique. I do recall similar comments about other religous groups by their opressors. it was not too long ago the Europe was makin similar statement about Jews.
    And as far as the West Bank is concerned, it is obvious that you don’t remember what happened in Jenin, Nablos and Ramallah not too long ago.

    Comment by AB | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  17. Michael,
    Much as the suffering of innocent children is repugnant to all civilised people, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree. All this suffering is precisely what Hamas wants, as it is ammunition for their propaganda which the media laps up because it makes for great “news”. Read the Hamas Charter – Articles 17 and 18 essentially say that the role of women is to “manufacture men”, and to bring the children up to fulfil the cause of Jihad. Ask yourself if Israel really has any alternative but to go after Hamas, and what can it do which it hasn’t already done to minimise civilian casualties when Hamas deliberately hides among civilians? Which other army calls up civilians in a target area to warn them to evacuate? If it really disregarded Palestinian lives (the same way Hamas does) it could simply carpetbomb Gaza.

    Comment by Lee | January 6, 2009 | Reply

  18. AB, I don’t think Bob was making a general comment about Muslims in general, as he specifically referred to ” Muslim fanatics”. And that’s what Hamas is, and it’s them who are in control of Gaza. Read their Charter to get a sense of who the Israelis are up against. And they’re not the only ones – there’s Hezbullah, and numerous other groups with the avowed aim of seeing the extermination of Israel. Seriously, for a moment substitute the name “Israel” on the map with the US or UK (or wherever you are from). How would you react (and how would you want your government to react) if you had to scramble for bomb shelters every day (and night) and had enemies barely miles away who have sworn to kill you?

    Comment by Lee | January 6, 2009 | Reply

  19. This ground operation took atleast 6 months – a year to plan. Anyone who thinks this was retaliation to recent rocket fire is delusional. Military operations are not dreamed up like that in a week or 2.
    And all you people who say that Palestinean kids should learn to build an economy, democracy etc. in the aftermath of this attack are kidding yourselves (and you know it), they’re going to become even more resolute to kill Israelis after this. Cause and effect.

    Comment by RA | January 6, 2009 | Reply

  20. Lee, adding Fanatics to Muslims doesn’t change a thing. This is just code word for all Muslims. I heard many with the same belief say that the only Good Muslim is a Dead Muslim. this is the type of racism we have seen throughout history. Just go back to Europ of 30s and 40s and see what they were saying about Jews, and then look at what racist in the US used to say about African Americans. I guess adding Fanatics to Muslims makes Bob feel OK about the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza and killing even those that see shelter in UN schools. U see, it is OK. the likes of Bob have an answer and he will probably say that it is because of those subhuman Muslim Fanatics hat used these children as a shield. And speaking of charters, I would suggest that you read more about Zionist charters. It was long ago that Israeli officials didnot even recognize the existance of a Palestinian people!! You still have the ignorant and arrogant that deny that Palestine ever existed as you see in this thread. It is truly a shame that perfectly logical and decent people turn illogical and indecent when it comes to the conflict in Palestine.

    Comment by AB | January 6, 2009 | Reply

  21. @RA You’ve obviously never served in the military, or at least not in the combat arms. Every military plans for operations before they materialize if a threat exists. That an operation was planned, doesn’t imply that it is imminent.

    As for your cause and effect argument. The cause of young Muslim children becoming enemies of Israel is the teaching they receive in their schools, homes, and mosques.


    There are good and bad people in every race and culture. An objective reading of Bob’s comments would reveal he understands this and recognizes that not all Muslims are radical hate-mongers who support Hamas.

    Why do you not criticize the killing and maiming of Muslims by Hamas? You’re quick to condemn Israel for each breath she takes, but willing to abide any killing committed in the name of Islam or the Palestinians. You’re bigotry shines through your lies.

    Comment by John Allison, III | January 6, 2009 | Reply

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