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Mr. Burris Goes to Washington

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And in spite of all the controversy surrounding his appointment, he’s proclaiming himself the junior Senator from Illinois!

Unbelievable, well maybe not for the Democrats.

Will Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and Democratic President-elect Barack Hussein Obama stand by their previous position that NO appointment by Democratic Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich?  Or is the concept that, given an opportunity, the good people of the land of “Honest Abe” will elect a Republican to BO’s vacated Senate seat enough to throw principles to the wind and accept the appointment of a governor charged with the worst political corruption since Watergate?

Things are beginning to look like the latter..  From the LA Times:

“I’m an old trial lawyer. There’s always room to negotiate,” said Reid, a Nevada Democrat, on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Translation:  Reid’s former statement was only made to make him appear principled at a time when many Americans were captivated by the Democratic corruption.  Now that many Americans have tuned out where this story’s concerned, the true Reid-without-principles is coming out and he may not oppose the scandal-plagued-Democratic-governor’s “choice” to fill BO’s seat.

Nothing coming from the Obama camp, he’s keeping apparently trying to avoid attention after yesterday’s announcement that his appoinment for Commerce Secretary, Democratic Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson, withdrew his name from consideration to deal with his own Pay-to-Play scandal.  (This crowd is starting to make Republicans’ look better and better all the time.)  We’ll have to wait until the 20th it appears, to find out whether or not his long-touted change meant anything more than a change in occupants for the White House.  Apparently, mum’s the word until then.

This Democratic power grab, coupled with the theft of the Senate election in Minnesota, should make it obvious to anyone that the party of the jackass will stop at nothing.  The constitution won’t stand in their way, voters won’t stand in their way, and the law won’t stand in their way as they attempt to build a supermajority in the upper chamber of Congress.  Should we look for attempts to expel or force the resignation of a sitting Republican Senator from a state with a Democratic Governor soon after 20  January?

I don’t put anything past these crooks.


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  1. More discrediting for the Democratic Party.

    Comment by Always On Watch | January 5, 2009 | Reply

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