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Obama Tax Cuts for the Rich?

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According to Bloomberg, President-elect Obama’s stimulus plan might include some $300 billion in tax cuts.


And, the article describes these as across the board cuts for businesses and individuals. Exactly what the Dems condemned as “tax cuts for the rich” under Bush’s watch.

The hypocrisy of this crowd oozes from them in everything they do, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I guess Obama realizes he must do the right thing, the conservative thing, if he really hopes to turn this economy around.

This cartoon was adapted to illustrate the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and President-elect Barack Hussein Obama.

So really, Obama’s change in this arena is going to be to continue Bush policy on tax cuts.  Ha!

Obama Said to Push for Tax Cuts in U.S. Stimulus Plan (Update2)

By Brian Faler and Hans Nichols

Jan. 4 (Bloomberg) — President-elect Barack Obama is pushing for tax cuts amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars in a stimulus package he’s asking Congress to pass within the next several weeks, a transition official and a Democratic aide say.

Obama is asking that tax cuts make up 40 percent of a stimulus package, the officials say. The measure may be worth as much as $775 billion, the Democratic aide says, meaning tax cuts may constitute more than $300 billion of the legislation.

…(Read full article)


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