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Global warming…uh, cooling…uh, something kills 12

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What the “Chicken Little” crowd crowing about Global Warming doesn’t want to hear:

12 deaths blamed on snow and cold across Europe

MILAN, Italy – Freezing temperatures and exceptional snowfall caused travel delays Wednesday across Europe and were blamed for at least 12 deaths, including that of a man in Milan who was crushed when a canopy collapsed under the weight of snow.

In Poland, the Interior Ministry said at least 10 people have frozen to death due to temperatures reaching minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 25 Celsius ).

Italian police said a Milan businessman standing on his balcony was killed when the snow brought down a canopy and part of a wall. A 47-year-old Serbian was found frozen to death in his home in the town of Zagarolo, east of Rome.

…(Read full article)

Here’s a video of a CNN meteorologist debunking the man-made Global Warming theory and this post (complete with a graph) explains how the data touted by politically motivated supporters/espousers of the theory has been tweaked to show a warming trend on the planet, when the hard data actually indicates a cooling trend.

So don’t break out the short pants and bikinis this winter, even if fire-breathing Al Gore tells you its hotter than it’s ever been.  Someone might also want to let this bear know it’s not yet time for him to take to the beach.


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