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So you thought you were getting a tax break?

Think again!

Apparently, this was just more smoke and mirrors obfuscation of the real plan–let you keep more money now and get less back next April. That should be a good recruiting tool for the Tea Party movement. Just imagine all the people who consider the Obamessiah the closest thing to a God on Earth when they get peanuts for next year’s refund, after this Chicago shyster has led them to believe he’s really given them something.

Some of the die hard left-wing worshippers will find a way to spin this so Bush gets the blame, but there will be many who think this MSM media darling has been honest who will realize they’ve been conned.

Better save a little of that extra Obama cash folks, you’re gonna need it next April!

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Obama takes jab at Tea Parties…

Joining left-wing hack Janeane Garofalo, Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowski, and the MSM in trashing the hundreds of thousands of us who participated in the Tea Parties, the Obamessiah implied Americans concerned over his tax and spend policies aren’t serious.

This arrogant, insolent Chicago shyster has his elitist nose so high in the air he just can’t believe anyone with a measurable IQ could disagree with him!

Well Mr. President, we are serious. We seriously believe you are burdening our children and grandchildren with a mountain of debt that will enslave them to supporting your bloated federal bureaucracy long after you’re gone. We seriously believe your apologizing to and embracing of ruthless dictators who consistently call for the destruction and demise of the US damages our national security and our world standing. We seriously believe the private sector can run corporations more efficiently than can the federal government.

We are serious Mr. President, but go ahead, continue to take us lightly.

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Obama’s egotistical stunt costs $329,000…


The feds knew panic would ensue when this stunt was pulled, but demanded total secrecy from NYC officials! Outrageous!

“In a memo obtained by CBS 2 HD, the Federal Aviation Administration’s James Johnston said the agency was aware of “the possibility of public concern regarding DOD (Department of Defense) aircraft flying at low altitudes” in an around New York City. But they demanded total secrecy from the NYPD, the Secret Service, the FBI and even the mayor’s office and threatened federal sanctions if the secret got out.”

A photo op! That’s what the White House called the Air Force One mission over New York City that terrified residents who not so long ago witnessed, first-hand, the most violent attacks ever perpetrated on American soil. I guess the Obama administration didn’t think of that! Apparently, this administration considers that ancient history, a forgotten time before we were so blessed to have the Chicago shyster occupying the White House.

The “man-made disaster” (aka terrorist attack if you’re not part of Obama’s inner circle) on 9/11/2001 might be forgotten by the far-left and the Democratic Party leaders, but it still burns in the memory of New Yorkers. While the administration snapped photos to use to promote the President and his plan to disassemble America, innocent civilians ran for cover, panicked in fear of another plane slamming into a building full of people. I guess Obama and his hirelings thought these people feel safe after his “Apologizing for America Tour,” or maybe he thought they’d forgotten about the day ~3,000 Americans were burned and buried in the ruins of the World Trade Center.

I haven’t seen any official explanation of where these photos would be used or what they would promote, so I’m inclined to believe such an explanation wouldn’t serve the administration well if it were made public. The “most transparent administration in history” didn’t see any need to inform the public of the stunt. Of course, they’d have been happy to plaster news of the mission everywhere in public view if it served some worthwhile purpose. Therefore, I must assume they were to be used in the never-ending campaign of the Obamessiah. But of course, he didn’t know anything about it. Right!

So, how much did this little stunt cost the taxpayers? How about $328,835! That’s right, you, me and every other American taxpayer helped foot the $329K bill that served no purpose but to promote this narcissistic media darling who continues to keep the MSM and other left-wing organizations drooling on themselves in admiration as he pushes us forward, straight into the jaws of Socialism.

What was that we heard last week? Wasn’t he in front of the cameras telling his underlings to cut $100,000,000 from their budgets? What’s good for the goose…oh, never mind. I guess they weren’t supposed to look in the “egocentric self-promotion of the Obamessiah” section of the budget for costs to cut. Of course not!

That part of the budget is designed to prop up his poll numbers as he hammers away at the very foundation of our country! That can’t be touched or the American people might just wake up, see through the shroud of smoke spread by the MSM, and notice this administration making off with the building blocks of our society that made the US the greatest, strongest country in the world.

$328,835. Remember that the next time you hear this President tell someone it’s time to pay his fair share. Remember that the next time Obama says he’s for fiscal responsibility. Remember that the next time he says he understands your problems. Remember that when he says he wants to cut spending.

$328,835 that you and I will pay to promote this administration.

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Here it comes–USMC

No, not United States Marine Corps. United States Motors Corporation.

That’s right. GM, the former icon of American capitalism, could well be the first icon of American Socialism!

GM is offering over 50% of its stock–a controlling interest–to Uncle Sam to cover the ill-advised multi-billion dollar bailout initiated by Bush and exacerbated by Obama. After all the promises that government loans would save the company, the US government just bought itself a car company!

Let’s see, the same government that’s bankrupting Social Security, hemorrages cash through the USPS, forced FRE and FNM to back bad loans, and forecasts trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see is somehow going to bring this manufacturing giant back to profitability? Right!

Oh, but Uncle Sam will have plenty of help running this behemoth even deeper into the ground

The automaker also proposed that the United Auto Workers take GM stock for at least half the $20 billion the company owes to a union-run trust…Combined, the union and government would own 89 percent of the century-old automaker

Though we saw it coming, this is truly a sad, sad day in the USA USSA–United Socialist States of America.

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Panic in Manhattan…

…as Air Force 1 flys in low over the city, triggering flashbacks to that fateful day the Obama administration seems to have forgotten–9/11.

Yes, it’s true. A hireling of the President who’s supposed to be so in touch with the American people staged a photo-op of Air Force 1 flying over NY City without considering the possible consequences of such a vain stunt in a city that eight short years ago saw ~3,000 burned and buried alive in the worst “man-caused disaster” (aka a terrorist act to every American except those who work in the Obama administration) ever on American soil.

It seems unthinkable that such a mental lapse occurred, but occur it did! Of course, what else would we expect from an administration that identifies virtually every conservative American as the biggest terrorist threat to the US? From an administration that seems intent on supplying the terrorists with propaganda at every turn? From the President who embraces and befriends the most anti-American dictators in the world?

Does this inability to perceive how NY residents would react really surprise anyone?

Here’s the video of the photo shoot the administration deems worth reigniting the worst fears of New Yorkers since that fateful (forgotten?) day:

Was it worth it Mr. President?

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US barbaric? Oh, hell no…


While the Obama administration stokes the fires of liberals’ hatred of the Bush administration with the latest evidence of the “torture” of terrorists, America’s enemies strengthen their stranglehold on their populations using tactics so cruel most US citizens can’t even imagine their level of barbarity. But the same liberals who decry the CIA practice of pouring water on the heads of captured terrorists will have to use their imagination, because the MSM won’t publicize it!

The NY Times’ editorial page will display a cartoon of the Statue of Liberty cracking a whip*, but they won’t display the almost inconceivable barbarity of those who will use that cartoon in their propaganda campaigns to foment hatred of and violence against the US and her citizens.

Warning: The following video shows the Pakistani Taliban executing a couple accused of adultery, shooting them down in cold blood.

Tell me again, liberals, how any US practices described in the “torture” memos can compare to the barbarity of these animals!

This is the nature of the enemy we fight and, yes, there will be times we must use harsh tactics to prevent the spread of their barbarous practices to our shores. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest should be praising the interrogators for protecting us from these monsters.

So liberals, get over the fact that some of these animals got a little wet during their interrogations!

*I won’t link to or publish this cartoon due to its propaganda value to our enemies.

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Obama foreign policy = failure


For all the fools out there who think great foreign policy is going overseas, blaming this country for everything wrong in the world, apologizing to anyone and everyone for anything and everything we’ve ever done, cozying up to ruthless dictators and offering to talk to despots who seek our destruction, WAKE UP!

Here are just a few recent headlines that should make clear to even the die-hard left-wingers among us that it’s not working! (They won’t, but they should.)

Iraq: US raid ‘crime’ that breaks security pact 4/27/09

North Korea ‘restarts nuclear facilities’ 4/25/09

Iran Convicts Iranian-American Journalist of Spying 4/18/09

Venezuelan court orders arrest for exiled Chávez foe 4/23/09

Fidel Castro: Obama Got ‘Overture’ Wrong 4/22/09

Ahmadinejad Calls Israel ‘Racist’ in U.N. Rant 4/21/09

British intelligence prosecution fear over US torture memos 4/18/09

There are more, but surely even the most dovish of doves can see this policy is already a miserable failure that only emboldens the ruthless dictators we refused to embrace in pre-Obama America. With every effort to appease, every handshake, every apology, and every derogatory comment the President makes about our country, our enemies gain confidence in their ability to challenge us.

These idiotic moves may quench the thirst of the Obama faithful for America’s blood, but they feed the fires of our enemies’ propaganda, supplying them with ever more photos and soundbites to “prove” to their suffering subjects we are responsible for all the world’s ills.

Keep talking Mr. President……as we get weaker,

and weaker,

and weaker,
and weaker, …

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Sen. Demint (R-SC) understands…

…what the Tea Parties are about.

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Obama Flips on Prosecution for Interrogations

First he swore he wouldn’t, now he’s leaving the door open to prosecute those who formulated the Bush policy of enhanced interrogation techniques (aka torture according to those who seem to forget the 3,000 Americans who were murdered on 9/11.)

When he released the previously classified “torture memos,” he unequivocally stated there would be no prosecutions of those involved.  Now though, he’s ready to throw these guys to the wolves as he continues his campaign to discredit and denigrate the previous administration in order to satisfy the bloodlust of his radical left-wing base and boost his own poll numbers.

The President evidently doesn’t care, even a little, that his actions damage our ability to disrupt the plans of those who seek to murder our citizens.  He ignored calls from current and former intelligence specialists to not release these memos, and even edited his own CIA chief’s memo to exclude admissions that the enhanced interrogation techniques produced results that disrupted terror plots and led to the arrest of terrorists in our own country!

At best, he doesn’t even realize the propaganda value of this crap to the terrorists.  At worst, he realizes the benefit to our enemies, but is perfectly willing to provide it in order to sustain his own popularity!

But don’t worry America, he’s keeping his eyes on all conservatives in an effort to protect you from us!  Even though the DHS admits they can find no evidence of right-wing extremist plots, Obama thinks the best strategy for keeping you safe is to apologize to and appease those who perpetrated the most heinous attack on our homeland in history while his administration focuses its attention on his political enemies here at home.

God help us all.

Another day, another Obama flip-flop–Michelle Malkin

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Fire Janet Napolitano!

There’s a movement afoot to rid the country of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. The following campaign has been launched on America C2C.


America c2c-America Coast 2 Coast is demanding the resignation of Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano for her derogatory remarks about our brave men and women in uniform. This demonstrates her lack of competence and ability to serve in this important position when she calls Patriotic Americans Domestic Terrorists.

We are asking all Americans to unite with us as we take this to the halls of Washington D.C. and voice our outrage. Please contact the Whitehouse, Senate and Congress to inform them enough is enough!

We encourage you to call into Talk Radio, Write an Editorial in your local newspaper and blog across the Internet.

This is unacceptable and inexcusable and will not be tolerated.

At you can also sign a petition to rid the country of the shameful secretary who refuses to use the word terrorist to describe radicals who perpetrate the murder of American civilians, but defends her department’s branding virtually all conservatives as “potential” terrorists and right-wing extremists.

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