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Obama not so hot in MSNBC poll…

UPDATE: 4/12/09

With over 2 million votes, 60% of respondents have graded the Oba-Messiah’s performance a “D” or “F”. The honeymoon is over in cyberspace. Unfortunately, the MSM will likely continue to give preferential coverage for another 4 years in an effort to twist American minds and make them believe they’re better off in the new USSA.

You can still vote here and read the Newsvine discussion of the story here (although it’s pretty much hardline liberals vs. conservatives just exchanging jabs.)

UPDATE: 4/8/09

Almost 1.9 million votes and the percentage of respondents who rate the Oba-Messiah’s performance thus far a failure is still growing on MSNBC’s poll.

I wonder if Chris Matthews still gets that thrill up his leg when he here’s the Oba-Messiah speak…

UPDATE:  4/6/09

Over 1.7 million votes now, MSNBC is still letting it run, and the percentage of respondents who give Obama a failing grade is still increasing.

It’s a good thing the Europeans like him, because he may have to go live with them after we endure four years of his reign!

Here’s the newest screenshot of the poll results and you can click here to vote.

UPDATE:  4/4/09

I wonder how long it will take MSNBC to take down this poll…over 1.6 million votes cast and 41% are now giving the Oba-Messiah a failing grade!  (I guess bad-mouthing America in France didn’t help him here at home.)

A majority of respondents, 54%, grade his performance as President thus far as a D or F.

And remember…this poll is on MSNBC’s website, not NewsMax or Heritage or another hotbed of conservatives.  This is the liberals’ safest of safe havens in the media!

Here’s an updated screen shot of the poll results and remember to click here to vote in the poll.

Update:  MSNBC Poll, 4/4/09

Update: MSNBC Poll, 4/4/09


As of now, with almost 1.5 million votes cast, even on this liberal bastion that is MSNBC, Obama is receiving a failing grade as President.  Here’s a screen shot…



Be sure to vote here.

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