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We are again a paper tiger…

Well, the Oba-Messiah’s foreign policy strategy of defaming America in an attempt to befriend our enemies should now be recognized as a complete failure.

Today, North Korea has successfully launched a long-range missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to American soil.  While most of Europe is fawning over our president’s willingness to sacrifice our interests and security by appeasing tyrants, those tyrants and their supporters are laughing in our face.

Could it be that Bush had it right where this rogue nation is concerned, and the liberal savior hasn’t a clue?  Apparently so.  Iranian cooperation virtually assures that proliferation of this weaponry will occur and we, along with our allies are a lot less secure than we were when these terror-sponsoring nations understood that we were willing to take action against any such threat.

What action can we expect from the new administration?  Here’s Obama’s response…“I urge North Korea to abide fully by the resolutions of the U.N. Security Council and to refrain from further provocative actions.” 

Oooooohhhh…I bet Kim Jong-Il will never launch another missile after that!

Sleep tight America, knowing that while the liberal American/Kenyan/????? Messiah blames America for all the world’s ills, the tyrants of the world are emboldened and taking full advantage.

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