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Tax Day Tea Party in Little Rock, AR


I’ve finally found a bright side to the new administration. As bad as it’s been to watch as the new Liberal regime dismantles so much of what made America great, as the budget deficit balloons at a record pace with new spending and bailouts, as our government seizes control of private industry, as our children and grandchildren are saddled with debt that their offspring won’t even be able to repay, one good thing is happening as a result of the November elections. Conservatives are finally standing up and organizing!

My wife and I arrived at the Tax Day Tea Party in Little Rock, AR around 4:30 pm CST for our first ever protest. We found an enthusiastic crowd of young, old, and middle-aged colleagues who are sick and tired of the direction our country is headed. Signs and slogans identified their concerns, their motivation for participating (many like us, for the first time) in an organized protest against the US government.

As one would expect, slogans damning Obama’s policies on taxes and spending dominated, but references were also condemning the country’s charge toward a Socialist economic model and even abortion. Not so long ago, conservatives were never seen carrying signs or heard chanting slogans, or even gathering to get our message out. So thank you Mr. President, Ms. Pelosi, and Mr. Reed for motivating us to join forces, organize, and even march to make our voices heard.

A number of signs proudly identified their bearers as “right-wing extremists.” Contrary to what the Obama administration would have you believe, these protesters weren’t foaming at the mouth, shooting into the air, maiming children and the elderly, or murdering innocents. In fact, I interviewed a Capitol police officer who admitted the protest was completely peaceful–not even a hint of violence or disorderly conduct. He did say one participant was asked to leave because the slogan on the sign he carried was “vulgar,” but he left without trouble or incident.

So much for the portrait the left tries to paint of anyone who leans to the right, that of a ravenous beast who mutilates the helpless and innocent.

I was also surprised there was no counter-protest. Evidently, the left thinks we’ll slink off into the shadows if we’re ignored.

The crowd in Little Rock didn’t seem ready to sit on their haunches though. Participants roared as speakers called on them to not let this be the culmination or their efforts. Hundreds signed on and pledged to organize voter registration efforts, to blog, to YouTube, to Twitter, to take the fight to the Left’s home turf, to fight using the tactics of ACORN,, and other left-wing activist organizations.

Thank you Mr. President, you have awakened a sleeping tiger!

Photos and videos to follow.

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It’s time for the (Tea) Party!


This may be the first time I’ve ever looked forward to April 15th, but I’m glad it’s finally here!

I’ll be participating in the Tea Party in Little Rock, AR, but regardless where you live there’s a Tea Party near you!

If you’re sick and tired of the Obama change (headlong charge) hurtling this country down the path toward Socialism or if you believe there’s a better way (i.e. FairTax, Flat Tax, etc.) to fund the government than the current monstrosity we call a tax code, come join us as conservatives enter a platform historically dominated by Liberals–the organized protest.

We’ve seen what happens when we sit back and allow ourselves to be the “Silent Majority.” Our party has lost all sense of the principles that made it great and the country has elected a Left-Wing Radical that threatens to dismantle the very system that made the USA the strongest country in the world in a very short time. Our way of life is at stake, let’s join together for real change–a change that will once again make our country a place where our children can fulfill their dreams.

Find a Tea Party and help us take America back!

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