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The true cost of Obama’s stimulus…

The arrogance of left-wing zealots has been exposed in the wake of the recent Tea Party movement across the nation. 

Congresswoman Jan Shakowsky called us “shameful” and “disgusting” for practicing our 1st Amendment rights.  White House advisor David Axelrod let his true beliefs show when he slipped and stated that our standing up to defend our political beliefs is “unhealthy.”  In the same interview, James Carville thinks the movement is “harmful to Republicans.”  Far left actress and activist Janeane Garofolo spews her vitriol with MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann grunting his agreement, insisting all the protesters are “racist rednecks” who are only protesting a black man in the White House.

They’re so conceited, they believe themselves so superior to everyone else, that they honestly believe no reasonable person can disagree with them!  And they call us elitists?

The Heritage Foundation has a great article, with a great graphic that should convince anyone we have valid reason to be concerned and even challenge our government for the dangerous course it’s charting.  There’s no doubt we can lay some of the blame for the increased red ink on Bush, but Obama seems hell-bent on making sure we drown in it!

Apparently, commenters on the Heritage article sought to convince readers these numbers were contrived as part of some anti-Obama conspiracy, but the post was updated to inform readers the source data for this chart comes from the Washington Post.

So here it is libs, the real reason we’re out there trying to stop this madness before it’s too late!

Hat Tip: The Sundries Shack


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