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Joe says don’t go…

VP Joe Biden told NBC’s Today Show he would advise people not to get on airplanes or subways, to avoid confined spaces for fear of contracting the dreaded swine flu. In fact, he’s given this advice to his own family.

So while the official line of the US government is that we should avoid non-essential travel to Mexico, the VP’s advice for his own family goes far beyond. Now, I’m not about to start wearing a mask and locking myself in a self-imposed quarantine, and I’m not advising anyone else to do so. But apparently the VP is…or was.

That’s because after he made the remarks, the White House apparently reigned him in yet again. Soon after the show, his office released a “clarification” of his remarks–basically changing them to tow the administration line.

So which is it? Is this disease as dangerous as the VP indicates to his family, or is it as innocuous as the administration wants us to believe? Apparently, this administration wants ordinary citizens to take fewer precautions than it wants its own family members to take. Might it be that the Obamessiah and his loose-lipped VP are willing to risk the lives of ordinary Americans to avoid further damage to the economy.

That’s my take on the VP’s remarks.

I wonder if the Obamessiah’s wishing he’d chosen someone who isn’t so quick to shoot off his mouth for VP?

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