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…that Tea Party participants fit the mold described in the left-wing press.

I’d never heard of Lloyd Marcus before I saw his post, Top Ten Reasons Blacks Should Stop Voting Democrat, on AmericaC2C.  The list gives compelling reasons African Americans should consider abandoning the party that’s long worked to keep them categorized as an “underprivileged” class.  My interest was piqued so I thought I’d find out a little more about this Lloyd Marcus character.

I followed the links on the blog post to and quickly discovered this man was an African-American songwriter deeply involved in the Tea Party movement.  In his own words, he’s a “Proud Black Conservative Patrot, Singer Songwriter Entertainer.”  He’s already performed his “American Tea Party Anthem” (see video below) at several Tea Party rallies from Florida to California.

Marcus’ biography makes for interesting reading (Janeane Garofalo definitely needs to read it before she goes on her next rant.) He admits that, “According to the preconceptions of that society, Marcus should be an embittered, lonely, tortured soul, whose politics – if any – should lean toward the left.” But instead, Marcus saw the pitfalls of liberalism and dependence on government “assistance” programs. I’ll let you read the rest, but here’s a paragraph to wet your appetite for the rest.

Marcus’ drift toward the right of the political spectrum began when he was about 10 years old. His parents moved with their five children into a brand-new, high-rise apartment building in the Baltimore projects. Then came their neighbors. Most of them were on various types of governmental assistance. Many were drug addicts, alcoholics and criminals. They destroyed the apartment building.

Marcus dispels the myth propagated by Janeane Garofalo and the liberal MSM that the Tea Party consists of nothing but racist rednecks who “hate the idea of a Black man as President.”

You can find several other songs written and performed by Lloyd posted under his Video category.  Lloyd has granted permission to use The American Tea Party Anthem  at individual Tea Parties across the nation, but you must request permission to use it for any other purpose.  The song is available for download on iTunes or you can order it on CD by sending $7 to the following address.

Lloyd Marcus
PO Box 6472
Deltona FL 32728

If you consider yourself maligned and slandered by the liberal media’s characterization of the Tea Party, if you don’t fit the mold from which all Tea Partiers were poured and would like to be profiled here, leave a comment on this thread indicating your desire and I’ll contact you.


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