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Here’s some “Hope” for “Change” in 2010

A Fox News Poll conducted by Opinion Dynamics Corp. offers some corroboration of what true conservatives have been saying about the Obama administration’s economic policies–it just won’t work. The poll asked Americans their opinions on Obama’s spending, government interference in private industry, how they view the current US housing market, and their thoughts on the condition of the US economy in general.

Though Obama likes to portray his spending hikes as “investments,” Americans aren’t buying it. The President’s semantics haven’t convinced the 78% who still consider it spending their money. Thirty-five percent of Americans believe Obama’s spending is “just about the right” amount needed in light of the current economic situation, but that’s a far cry from the 54% who are convinced he’s spending too much. And even though Obama has offered up a few token budget cuts in recent days, 60% say his policies are wasting too many tax dollars.

All in all, I think we can safely say a majority of Americans aren’t too happy with Obama’s “stimulus” package and budget.

Another interesting tidbit came in a question on government involvement in individuals’ lives. Though Republican turned Obama supporter Colin Powell recently opined that Americans want more government involvement in their lives, 71% of participants disagreed and believe less government is preferable.

And what about Obama’s attempts to “save” the US auto industry?

With Chrysler already in bankruptcy and GM rapidly advancing toward that end, Ford is the only US automaker who hasn’t accepted government money. In other words, Ford’s the only one Obama hasn’t “saved.” From the responses in the poll, Ford made the right call to forego the government cash. Only 1/4 of Americans would consider purchasing a Chrysler product today, 46% would still consider a GM product, but more than half–54%–would buy a Ford if they were in the market for a new vehicle today.

Looks like GM and Chrysler would have been much better off cleaning up their own mess if they want people to buy their cars!

The stock market won’t be getting much of a boost from individual investors based on the findings in the poll either. A majority of Americans believe it’s not a good time to buy stocks, 55% say they won’t buy stocks at the moment while 30% think it is a good time.

It appears Obama may have misjudged the “mandate” he thought he was given in November, because the folks aren’t buying his “Change.”

These numbers give me “Hope” there will be a “Change” in 2010 if the GOP runs a candidate who offers a real alternative.

May 16, 2009 - Posted by | Economy

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