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Bumbling Biden does it again

The Vice President must be competing with Nancy Pelosi for the top spot of thorns in the President’s side.

Obama may have thought he was safe for a few days when he sent “Loose-lips” Joe out of the country, but he managed to give the press another gaffe in Kosovo.

It’s no secret the President has suffered some setbacks on his plan to shut down the military prison at Gitmo, but he still claims to be in control of the situation and that America will be better off once the 240 hardened terrorists housed there are dispersed around the globe, or around the US, or anywhere but penned up on a secure island where they can do no harm.

After stating he “thinks” the administration will close the prison by its self-imposed deadline, he continued with “But, look, what the president said is that this is going to be hard. It’s like opening Pandora’s Box. We don’t know what’s inside the box.

So Obama says it needs to happen. We must close down the terrorist home for the good of the country. But his second in command admits they really have no clue what the consequences of following through will be.

I seem to recall these fools harshly criticizing Bush for acting with haste, without a well thought out plan.

Joe-the-ever-ebullient-orator didn’t stop there though. In response to Americans’ concerns over these trained terrorists being incarcerated on our soil, Biden suggests we “go to some maximum security cells if you want to know some dangerous people. Matter of fact, it might be an awakening to them.

So we should enlighten ourselves by dropping in on the Unabomber, or the infamous shoe bomber, get to know them a little and we’ll see just how nice these guys are down there at Guantanamo. We might even invite one or two over for supper, maybe let them date our daughters once we see what gentle creatures we’ve really been keeping down there.

Biden may well turn out to be the best asset the Right has at the moment.

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