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ObamaCare: Plan Lacking

President Obama is pushing for Congress to have a healthcare reform bill on his desk by August, and embattled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has promised it will happen.  Many are asking, “Why is Obama rushing this?”  The leader of the free world said himself “If we don’t get it done this year, we’re not going to get it done.”  This statement raises the question, why?  Why must a task as gargantuan as overhauling an industry that in 2007 represented 17% of GDP be pushed through in a few months?

A couple of possible answers to that question come to mind?  It could be the President believes the longer the public has to digest the changes he proposes, the less they’ll like the taste of it.  He may simply want to push it through before Congressmen and women begin devoting all their energy on getting themselves re-elected in 2010, which usually begins during the August recess, which coincides with Obama’s deadline.  Or, he could actually fear losing too many seats in the 2010 election if the public adoration of our new President continues to wane.

Whatever the reason, he continues to press and his Democratic lackeys in Congress continue to cling to his coattails as he attempts to take control of almost 20% of the American economy in one fell swoop.  It would be a huge feather in his Socialist cap.  Ford Motor Co. is the only thing standing in his way of total federal control of the auto industry, which represents 3-4% of GDP, but no one knows what will happen to Ford now that it’s being forced to compete the bottomless pockets of the federal government.  He currently has control of a large segment of the financial sector as well.  What an accomplishment it would be for our Socialist President to seize control of approximately 1/4 of the US economy in his first year in office!

The President has now released his plan, if you can call it that.  It’s nowhere near fully formulated.  In fact, immediately following the subtitle we see this note:

[Note: Further revisions are needed to complete the work of integrating provisions into the existing HIPAA structure]

So the President’s long-awaited plan to save the world isn’t even complete. Yet, he expects Congress to approve it in about six weeks (allowing for days off over the July 4th holiday.) I haven’t had time to fully review the 167 pages of the plan, but what I’ve read doesn’t make me feel better. Just glancing at the restrictions for setting rates and the inability to turn down applicants with pre-existing conditions will force the insurance companies into bankruptcy unless they drastically increase premiums for the young and the healthy. I’ll go more in depth on this in a few days, once I’ve had more time to read it and call insurance companies to get their take on the President’s plan. Over and over in the plan, where the commission didn’t know what to write, they simply inserted brackets containing suggestions followed by a question mark, or even a statement that basically says they haven’t figured out what to put there! In at least one case, the brackets enclose nothing more than blank space. To be filled when?

This plan is nowhere near completely thought out, but yesterday the President launched his campaign to get it passed. It’s been said that there are times when it’s better to do something, even if its wrong, than to do nothing. This is too large a task for this to be one of those times.

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  1. Read it and weep for America as one more branch or the private sector goes the way of government socialism.

    Comment by ahrcanum | June 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. Agreed. If he succeeds in seizing control of the health care industry, I wonder what he’ll set his sights on next.

    Comment by John Allison, III | June 7, 2009 | Reply

  3. Agreed. If he succeeds in seizing control of the health care industry, I wonder what he’ll set his sights on next.

    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

    Comment by Anonymous | June 8, 2009 | Reply

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