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Abbas: “I do not accept the Jewish State.”

President Obama has chosen sides in the quest for peace in the Middle East?  But has he chosen wisely?

Speech of a Muslim cleric who identifies the mosque as a factory for jihadists. Last month.

The supposed moderate Palestinian Authority president and chairman of Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas, made the following statement at a Palestinian Youth Parliament conference:

“I say this clearly: I do not accept the Jewish State, call it what you will.”

In this video at the same conference, Abbas reiterates his refusal to accept a two-state solution:

In the same conference, Abbas was presented with a framed map of “Palestine” that covered the entire state of Israel.

Muslim children have been indoctrinated in their mosques, schools, by their media and leaders to believe that Israel has no right to exist.  In these videos we see this indoctrination is perpetrated by radical and moderate Muslims alike.  Yet, our President has chosen sides in this battle and he’s chosen to be on the side of those who deny Israel has any legitimate right to the Jewish homeland, those who call for the destruction of Israel.

Obama calls for a two-state solution, but refuses to acknowledge that Muslims like Abbas, who’ve formerly stated they’re open to such a solution, continue to fan the flames of hate and discord among their own populations.  Using an old American Indian metaphor, they speak with a forked tongue. 

The simple fact is, Israel’s enemies view Obama’s willingness to abandon the long-time American ally as a further sign of American weakness–and an opportunity to step up their attacks.  Iran continues to pursue nuclear weapons, and just this morning yet another assault on Israel was launched from Gaza.

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