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You did it: KS teacher rehired!

Great job and many thanks to all who stood up for Lawrence High School history teacher Tim Latham, whose contract wasn’t renewed due to his conservative beliefs.  The pressure you put on resulted in Mr. Latham being rehired!

Mr. Latham’s response:  “I couldn’t be more pleased with this outcome. While I am happy to have this behind me, and look forward to returning to LHS next fall, I will always be grateful to my students for actually putting what I teach into practice.”

I, too, am grateful to Mr. Latham’s students, several of whom created the Facebook group, Save Mr.Latham, Lawrence High History Teacher, which counts almost 2,000 members after only a few days.  These students refused to stand by and let their successors at Lawrence High be deprived of, as one student put it, “…a really good teacher.”

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House Dems to Republicans: Sit down and shut up

That’s basically what Representative Louise Slaughter(D-NY), Chairwoman of the House Rules Committee, said to Representative David Dreier (R-CA) when he wanted to ask questions about upcoming appropriation bills in the House.  “Even the Democrats on the committee were stunned to silence…We knew this day was coming, but it really is a sad day when the Democrats stop any form of questioning between the Republicans and chairmen who are presenting their bills before the committee,” an observer noted.

Just last month, Obama claimed he expected more bipartisanship and that Americans “want results, not bickering.”  Is it bickering to pose questions when it comes to wasting taxpayer money?  After Joe Biden plainly stated the administration and its Democratic allies in Congress are wasting money, I believe the people want more debate, more questions, and more who are willing to stand up and demand accountability.  But the Democrats’ definition of bipartisanship is for the GOP to lay down and play dead as evidenced by Slaughter’s silencing of Dreier.  Apparently, Democrats have decided recent Republican challenges to their burgeoning spending programs have awaken the American people to the fallacy of their Utopianic promises to tax and spend America into prosperity.  To counter, they result to the totalitarian tactic of silencing all dissenters.

Just consider what happened Tuesday night at the Capitol and you’ll see this isn’t just an exaggeration by a Right-Wing Extremist.

Most lawmakers left at 6:30 pm after approving an emergency war spending bill, led to believe by the Democratic leadership that no more votes would occur that night.  But the plan all along was to ensure Republicans wouldn’t get a chance to offer key amendments that Dems didn’t want to see attached to another spending bill.  Almost two hours after being dismissed for the day, lawmakers were suddenly summoned to return for the vote they’d been told would not occur.  Of course not all made it back.  This trickery avoided debate over two key amendments that would have denied federal funding to the criminal organization ACORN, a well-known patron of Democratic candidates.  The third was an amendment to launch an investigation into the House Speaker herself, lying Nancy Pelosi, over her accusations that the CIA lied to her about waterboarding terrorists.  The trickery worked for the tyrannical Dems and debate on the amendments was quashed by a vote of 179-124.  More than 100 Congressmen didn’t get the word and their constituents were disenfranchised by the totalitarian rule of the Democratic majority.

With an overwhelming majority, the question is “Why do the Democrats have to resort to such tactics?”  The answer is their positions can’t stand public scrutiny.  Recent Republican criticism has pointed out obvious flaws in the Democratic agenda on issues from health care reform to the closing of Gitmo.  Polls are beginning to turn against the party that seeks to ram its Socialist policies down the throats of all Americans and the Dems don’t like it.

But if they can’t win an honest debate, the Democratic leadership is showing that it can and will resort to tyranny and trickery.

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The California Albatross

by Meredith Turney on

Within a matter of weeks, the great state of California will be out of money. For months state leaders have warned of the yawning $24 billion budget deficit; even exploiting the deficit they created in a failed attempt to scare voters into increasing their taxes in the May special election. The proposed tax increases and budget gimmickry were soundly rejected by voters, sending a clear message to Sacramento that Californians will no longer finance the bloated, inefficient government’s insatiable appetite for more tax dollars. Now the day of reckoning is upon California, and how the Golden State resolves this massive problem will impact the entire nation.

The fate of the world’s 10th largest economy is inextricably linked to America’s overall economic fate. Could America’s already fragile economy absorb California’s debt? With the federal government already trillions in debt, what’s another $24 billion? The problem is not the amount of debt, but the precedent it will set if the federal government is forced to bailout one of the country’s largest states.


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’45 Million Americans’ — Who Are Those Guys?

by Larry Elder on

About 45 million Americans lack health care insurance. Or do they?

A pro-“universal health care” television host recently cited this widely accepted “fact.” The number is bogus.

Here’s the skinny.

Start with the math. We have 300 million Americans. Subtract the 45 million — 15 percent of us — with no health insurance. That leaves 255 million Americans, or 85 percent, with it.

And the insurance is lousy, right? Not according to a 2006 ABC News/Kaiser Family Foundation/USA Today survey. It found that 89 percent of Americans were satisfied with the quality of their own health care.

Nearly half of the 45 million fall in the category of my 26-year-old nephew. He smokes cigarettes, dates, eats out, goes to movies and, like all young people, lives through his cell phone. With a slight change in priorities, he could afford health insurance, the cost of which at his age and health starts at about $100 a month. Take a look at a Reason Foundation video of interviews with a bunch of non-health-insured 20-somethings.


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Dem’s to investigate Sosa, not ACORN

You gotta love this.

Democrats in the US House, whose leader is the lying Nancy Pelosi, plan to investigate Sammy Sosa for lying to them about steroid use.  They won’t investigate ACORN for using taxpayer dollars to fund their fraudulent registration of voters, because the activities of the ACORN criminals help get Democrats elected.

Not that I’m endorsing steroid use, or lying under oath, but come on.  Which should have priority–a lying baseball player, or the habitual criminal misuse of taxpayer funds?

Sign the petition to stop taxpayer funding of ACORN here.

Sign the petition demand a federal investigation into ACORN here.

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