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Obama’s Magic Math

President Obama’s using that magic math again. You know, the same math he used to calculate the number of jobs he’s “saved” since passing the stimulus.  The same math that can’t be explained by anyone in his administration and can’t be duplicated by anyone outside of his administration.

But hey, I guess you can’t blame the guy for using formulas that have the capability to make losing millions of jobs (since the passage of the stimulus) sound like a positive thing.   The problem is, no one can seem to point to those formulas, no one can say “Here’s how we arrived at that number.”  So it’s looking more and more like there are no valid mathematics generating the numbers the President puts forth, he’s just throwing out numbers to make his catastrophic policies sound more palatable to the American people.

Now he’s expanded the use his mystical mathematics.  Stepping outside the realm of “saved jobs,” the President is using his mystical mathematical powers to predict $80 billion in savings to American seniors for their prescription drugs, but only offer an explanation for ~$30 billion of that total.  The other $50 billion couldn’t be explained by the White House.

I guess $30 billion just didn’t sound good enough, so Obama pulled out his magic calculator to make it sound better.


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