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Curtis Coleman: I Salute You, America!

by Curtis Coleman on

More than 400 people gathered outdoors in 97° heat in Bella Vista, AR last week because they were concerned about disturbing changes being proposed for America’s healthcare system.

Earlier this year, a surprising crowd of more than a thousand people gathered on April 15 in Mountain Home, AR (pop. 11,012) to participate in a TEA Party organized by Richard Caster, then a 17 year-old high school senior. Richard and his co-workers are expecting as many as 3,000 to gather in the town’s high school football stadium this Saturday to celebrate and renew their commitment to the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

These scenes are being repeated all over Arkansas this weekend; indeed, all over America.

I’ve been told in recent weeks that “America is lost – that people who do not believe in the principles on which America was founded have taken too much ground for us to ever recover.” I’ve also been told that “a tyranny by bureaucracy rather than a government of democracy is now strangling the life out of America – and that that bureaucracy has grown too powerful to reverse.”

I don’t buy that! America is not lost.


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