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Blue Dogs Beginning to Stray from Pack

Remember eight short months ago?  When President Obama was elected in a landslide, Democrats gained large majorities in both houses of Congress, and liberals everywhere pronounced the demise of the Republican Party.  Though the newly elected President claimed to desire the input of Congressional Republicans, it quickly became obvious that Democrats’ definition of bipartisanship is for Republicans to accept whatever left-wing radical policies they propose.

Democrats celebrated their perceived mandate by rushing to implement sweeping legislation to enslave future generations of Americans by dramatically increasing the size of government with trillions of dollars of new debt.  The party that now controls the White House and both houses of Congress seemed to march in lockstep, as one.  Even the Blue Dog Democrats, supposedly fiscal conservatives, voted with radical House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to implement the crushing waves of debt and spending pushed by President Obama.  The Blue Dogs’ support of Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package and his bloated federal budget provided ammunition for the National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) campaign against the self-proclaimed fiscal conservative Democrats.  These two pieces of legislation, more than any other, show the Blue Dog label is little more than a cloak worn to help win elections in conservative states and quickly shed immediately following elections when they believe their constituents are paying the least attention.

Suddenly though, the bonds that bind the Blue Dogs to the Pelosi/Obama wing of the Democratic Party are beginning to fray.  After several weeks of Obama’s approval numbers dropping in the polls, these Democrats who try to pass themselves off as conservatives to their constituents have begun to realize they may be in trouble next year if they continue to tow the ever-less popular Obama-Pelosi line.  Late last month saw numerous Blue Dogs abandon the Pelosi-Obama coalition to vote against the Cap & Trade energy tax.  Though the bill narrowly passed the House, Blue Dog Dems are making its passage in the Senate less than certain.  According to ARRA News Service, the Blue Dog Coalition is now placing Obama’s much heralded Health Care Reform in danger due to its uncertain (but guaranteed to be astronomical) costs.

As the ineffectiveness of Obama’s policies becomes more and more evident in coming days, expect the Blue Dogs to abandon more and more of the President’s platform to attempt to regain the favor of their conservative constituencies.  The August recess is right around the corner, and campaigning for next year’s elections will begin in earnest soon.  Blue Dogs know well they must tread lightly if they hope to be re-elected.

In six short months the American people have just about had their fill of President Obama’s brand of change and it’s making the Blue Dogs a little nervous.  Maybe, just maybe, this will be enough for the US to avoid complete conversion to Socialism in Obama’s first year as President.


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