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Demint (R-SC) Slams Obamacare, Pledges to Read the Bill

Senator Demint takes Obama to task on his rush to take over yet another segment of the US economy.  The Senator lays out the multitude of legislative attempts put forth by Republicans in Congress over the years that were all killed by Democrats who desire nothing less than complete government control over the life and death decisions now made between you and your doctor.

You might expect that Demint has signed a pledge to read the Obamacare bill before voting for it, but you might not know he’s only one of 72 who will make that committment.  Of those 72 who pledge to read the bill, guess how many are Democrats.

If you guessed zero, you’re right.  No Democrat has signed the pledge.

The House version of the bill is 1,018 pages and the CBO’s latest estimate says it will add another $269 billion to the federal deficit.  But still the Democrats won’t even promise to read the bill.

Call your Senators and Representatives today and demand they sign the pledge!

Oh, and here’s yet another example of the failures of a government-run health care system! A 22-year-old alcoholic is refused a liver transplant because his life’s not worth saving!

Patients First – Vote No on Government Run Health CareSign the Petition

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  1. Heath Coverage for the future: US Government gives a 5K credit or opens a health account for every newborn. With the average annual birthrate of 4million children that would be 20B a year. To “jump start” the program “grandfather in” youth for individuals under age 18; This would be making program retroactive to for last 18 years and you have a one time cost of 360 Billion. Each individual is conferred this individual health account once they reach adulthood. As an adult tax payer, the individual continue to add to the account with tax free contributions; funds can only be used for medical related expenses to include Insurance premiums. Incentive is to the individual to manage it and would have access to health managed care organizations that all include wellness screenings, high deductible catastrophic and incentives for changes at health lifestyles.
    This portion of the plan would work like auto insurance in that one “buys in” to a local market and help keep rates local to their community. The individual would earn IRA rates on funds banked if they not spent. Phase out Medicare along with the aging population for those not covered prior to effective date of this plan; or for those who have been extremely ill or manage their accounts poorly . When the youth of today are old they will have a well funded health care account or will be broke but the government has already done their part. Families can pool the accounts of its members and transfer unspent account balances. Not a perfect solution but one that shares equal burden and risk is on the individual.

    Comment by P Price | July 21, 2009 | Reply

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