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Obama camp wants me to pressure Senators on health care

Oh, I’m pressuring them alright!

Heres the email I received from Obama’s permanent campaign website:

John —

Take a look around Arkansas, and you’ll see small business owners struggling, overwhelmed by skyrocketing health care costs. They’re not the only ones — but as the backbone of our economy, they’re a key constituency with the ear of our elected representatives. And their voices are absolutely critical to our campaign.

Every day, special interest lobbyists in Washington spend millions to pressure your senators, Senator Blanche Lincoln and Senator Mark Pryor, to oppose reform. But we can counter their influence by demonstrating that the folks who drive our economic growth are depending on them to deliver reform in 2009.

I’m a small business owner, and I’d like to add my name to a letter declaring my support for health care reform.

Not a small business owner? Chances are, you know one. It could be a family member, friend, or neighbor — or the person who cuts your hair, or owns the local hardware store. Forward them this email, or reach out personally. Talking to someone you know has more power to persuade than any television ad.

In recent years, small businesses in Arkansas have been paying more and more for insurance that covers less and less. Small businesses are essential to the nation’s economic recovery, but they can’t grow and create jobs if they’re bearing the weight of skyrocketing premiums.

Getting more signatures on our small business letter will have a tremendous impact. We’ll bring the signatures to public events and show the letter to members of the press — and believe me, your senators will pay attention.

Small business owners have a crucial role to play in this debate — can you spare a minute to help enlist them in our campaign? And if you own your own business, add your voice today.

Thank you for your continued support,


Jeremy Bird
Deputy Director
Organizing for America

P.S. — Not a small business owner? In addition to passing this message along to any you know, sign your name in support of the President’s health care principles today.

Perhaps the President should think about putting together a workable health care reform package instead of remaining committed to cramming a government run program down our throats. It’s a certainty that if Lincoln and Pryor’s constituents supported Obama’s health care takeover, the Senators would already be lined up to support it as well.

The President needs to remember he works for us.


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