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The Death of Obamacare

As President Obama’s dream of a government run health care system slips away, he’s becoming ever more desperate.

This month we’ve seen poll numbers indicating the American public is becoming more and more uncomfortable with his vision of “change” for America.

Rasmusssen’s Presidential Approval Index turned negative on June 30 and hasn’t seen positive territory since. In the same surveys, the number of Americans who approve of the President’s job performance fell to its lowest point of his presidency.  Even more surprising results appeared yesterday in a Rasmussen poll where respondents were asked who they would vote for if a presidential election were held today between Mitt Romney and President Obama, and again if such election were held between Sarah Palin and Obama.  The hypothetical Romney-Obama race would be a dead heat with 45% of likely voters preferring Romney and an equal number supporting Obama.  Most surprising of all were the results if such an election were held between Obama and Sarah Palin, the now resigned Alaskan governor who was so maligned by the left-wing media.  After months of vicious personal attacks by left-wing (and even RINO) attack dogs, the embattled governor trails the MSM’s messiah by only 6%, with Obama favored by 48% of voters and Palin by 42%.

Today, on the President’s signature issue of health care reform, Gallup released a poll showing 50% disapprove of Obama’s approach while only 44% approve.  Though 74% of Democrats continue to support the President’s plan, only 40% of independents and 11% of Republicans are convinced he knows what he’s doing.  In each of the  four domestic issues rated by respondents, more disapproved of the President’s performance than approved.  Healthcare: 50% disapprove, 44% approve; taxes: 48% disapprove, 45% approve; economy: 49% disapprove, 47% approve; and budget deficit: 55% disapprove, 41% approve.

For a president who, until recently, has been able to get his every wish through Congress, whose own party holds super majorities in both Houses, and was elected in what most considered a landslide, the President’s waning public support is telling.  Especially considering we’re only 6 months into his term.

Obama managed to quadruple the deficit, dramatically increase wasteful spending, and seize control of large segments of the American economy with a strategy of blaming his predecessor.  That may have worked for the first five months, but now the public is beginning to identify the President as culpable for the failings of his policies.  After all, it was the President who pointed out we’d see peak unemployment of 9% if we didn’t ram his “stimulus” through Congress before members even had a chance to read the bill.  Now we see his so-called “stimulus” was nothing more than a liberal’s dream spending bill that actually had a de-stimulating effect.  What else can we infer since unemployment is now worse than it would have been without the “stimulus.”

Recall the President repeatedly claimed there would be no earmarks, no waste in his “stimulus” bill, it would fund shovel ready jobs and provide an immediate jolt to the economy.  Perhaps if Congress would have had time to read the bill, it would have been so.  Three million dollar turtle tunnels and projects that won’t begin until next year may have been caught and culled from the bill.  But it wasn’t to be.  Now the President has tried to convince us that earmarks are good things, Vice-President Biden tells us they knew waste was inevitable, and the waste and abuse is coming to light.

It’s no wonder Americans are losing faith in our President as he tries the same worn out promises to sell his government health care system.  He’s already proved he either doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing or he’s incredibly dishonest.  Either way, Americans are no longer buying his health care plan.

Thank God.

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  1. […] Death of Obamacare (Video) I’m trying something new here.  I made a video version of this post from the other day.  It’s not Hollywood quality, but let me know if it gets the point […]

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  2. I am not sure what would “have been caught” with respect to the so-called “turtle tunnels”. The turtle tunnels, more formerly known as part of the Lake Jackson Ecopassage, is a transportation improvement project. The feds in their infinite wisdom, constructed a 4-lane divided highway through the middle of a lake. Not any lake but Florida’s only aquatic preserve. This project would be illegal today. As a result, thousands upon thousands of animals, including 10 foot alligators and 40 pound turtles, enter the roadway day and night. The proposed ecopassage will involve the construction of barrier walls and under-highway culverts (the tunnels are actually <7% of the overall budget) to allow animals to move back and forth beneath the highway. This project was set to be constructed in 2010. All that the stimulus money did was move the project up a year so that construction workers who are starved for work can be employed. The project expects to employ more than 200 people for the year it will take to build the ecopasage. More importantly, the ecopassage plays a vital role in keeping motorists safe, keeping wildlife safe, and righting the wrong that was committed by the feds so many decades ago. Of all of the stimulus projects out there, this one is about as far from being frivolous as you can get. This project has been the subject of a 9-year biological study, has involved a feasibility study, a design study, a blue ribbon panel of experts, a scientific advisory board, was voted on by the county commission on 10 different occasions, was the highest ranking transportation enhancement project in the 3 county area, was subject to at least 3 public comment periods, and has 13.4 million supporters that have signed letters of support. After all of this scrutiny, again, I am not sure what was going to "be caught". It's not like this project suddenly happened overnight and was snuck in the stimulus bill. This is an internationally significant project that has been the subject of over 80 media articles including the Boston Globe, Washington Times, NY Times, CNN, and countless other media sources. If anything, this is a great example of the stimulus doing what it should do – create jobs, stimulate the local economy, benefit human safety, and have a conservation component. It's a great project.

    Comment by Reggie Lewis | July 23, 2009 | Reply

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