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Down, down, down he goes…

Is it his insistence on imposing government-run healthcare on a leery populace? Or could it be that calling the cops stupid for arresting his loud mouthed friend?

It doesn’t matter.

Just a few months ago, liberals were digging the grave for the conservative movement.  Certain they’d permanently prevailed on the heels of Obama’s historic election, they set about ramming their Socialist agenda down the throats of all Americans in an attempt to bury conservatism forever.  Using tactics more common among union thugs and other organized crime, they seized control of private industry, spent hundreds of billions on wasteful projects to line the pocket of special interests, and cut the legs from under an already staggering economy.

All of this happened with virtually no support from Republicans in Congress. Liberals everywhere warned Republicans were further alienating themselves in the eyes of the American public, calling the GOP “the party of NO.” Some RINOs trembled with fear while those of us who truly believe conservative principles make our country stronger and more prosperous insisted the path back to victory wasn’t to fall in step with our liberal foes, but to charge headlong into the center of their ranks. Ignoring warnings from Dems and RINOs alike, real conservatives in the Republican party stood our ground and took the fight to the enemy. Rather than retreat we went on offense.

It took a few months, but now we have them on the run! Blue Dog Democrats are feeling the pressure from their constituents and our constant bombardment of their complicity in quadrupling the national deficit to squander our hard-earned money on legislators’ pet pork projects. Harry Reid announced yesterday the Senate would not meet Obama’s mandate to rush a health care bill through Congress by the August recess. Then Obama stepped on his own land mine when he called a good cop stupid. Their battle plan is being shredded and their troops are beginning to desert!

The best of news came today in the form of Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll. I’ve been following this poll for a couple of months now and until today, Obama had always enjoyed a higher approval than disapproval rating. Today that all changed.

For the first time in his Presidency, more likely voters in America disapprove of his job performance than approve. As of today, 49% approve and 51% disapprove of Obama’s leadership.

It looks like America wasn’t ready to swallow Obama’s “change” after all.

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  1. It appears that Obama the messiah is an earthling after all. These have been great 2 weeks for those of us saw Obamacare for what it is – an irreversible step leading to full government control of the nation’s health. It’s amazing that he can’t ram his plan through considering that the Dems control the WH and both houses of congress. The largest constituency walking away from the president on health care is now his fellow Democrats. They are getting spooked and for good reason.

    Although this is framed largely as a political issue, the public should view it is a medical issue. Physicians like me want the patients to view health care reform through the prism of their own health. Obamacare is bad medicine. I think that the delay in legislation beyond the August recess will allow more or the truth to seep out, which I expect will further disillusion the public. More physician views on this and medical quality at

    Comment by mkirschmd | July 25, 2009 | Reply

  2. Obama got 52% of the vote. Now with his popularity dipping below 50%, he is effectively losing the allegiance of those who voted for him. It’s a happy place to be! (for those of us who didn’t vote for him)
    The Leftists have shot themselves in the foot, as was easy to predict, but who knew they could do it so quickly? But let the other side learn from this dire piece of history: don’t get the big head…and serve the American people by doing the right thing no matter what it costs you! That’s why the country voted the way it did in ’08. Once elections are over, forget the partisan politics and work for what is good for the COUNTRY! That’s my 2 cents.

    Comment by kathy | July 27, 2009 | Reply

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