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Obamacare: The House Bill and Obama’s Lies (Part 2)

President Obama has repeatedly remarked that health care reform will include a provision that enables those of us who like our current health insurance coverage to keep it.  But he’s also expressed support for HR 3200, the House health care reform bill, and hinted that it’s a bill he’d be willing to sign.  So, is the President’s promise to Americans who like their health insurance supported in the House Bill?

It turns out that it’s not.  At first glance it appears the legislation does uphold Obama’s promise, but closer inspection reveals the true intent is to eventually eliminate any such ability to remain in the plan you have now.

First, on page 15 of the House bill we find this

REQUIREMENTS FOR QUALIFIED HEALTH BENEFITS PLANS.—On or after the first day of Y1, a health benefits plan shall not be a qualified health benefits plan under this division unless the plan meets the applicable requirements of the following subtitles for the type of plan and plan year involved:

Okay, that seems harmless enough when you get to page 16, where section 102 of the bill is titled “Protecting the Choice to Keep Current Coverage.”  Well, I guess we’re done.  Right there in the title of section 102 it says our choice to keep our coverage we like is protected.  Correct?

Not so fast.  When we  actually read section 102, we find the title is misleading to say the least.

Immediately we discover our insurance company is not allowed to sell the plan to anyone not enrolled on the day the bill becomes law.  As others die or opt out of your plan, they cannot be replaced.  Now, insurance companies price these plans based on the fact that they can sell them to large groups of people.  It allows them to spread their risk among a huge pool of policyholders.  As that pool contracts, the risk is concentrated on a smaller and smaller group until it is no longer profitable to provide the policy.  So, in effect, the bill intentionally forces the death of all private insurance policies by attrition.

But hey, at least you can keep your plan until the government forces the company to stop offering it. Well, it turns out when we read a little further we find that’s not always going to be the case either.

On page 17, we find a paragraph titled “Grace Period for Current Employment-Based Health Plans.”  Here we read that all employer-based plans must meet the bill’s requirements of a “Qualified Health Plan” by the 5th year after the bill becomes law.  What this means is if after 5 years you haven’t taken advantage of the new government insurance policy, they’re going to force your insurance company to change the plan you liked so well.  You will not be allowed to keep your policy for more than 5 years, unless the government approves it.

So what Obama should be saying is “We’ll let you keep the coverage you like…for just a little while.  Then you’ll have no choice but to take ours.”  They have no plans of private insurance surviving long term.  More lies and deceit.

Use the links on the right side of this page to contact your Senators and Representatives.  Let them know you’re reading the bill and you will not be suckered by Democratic lies!

We’re winning this battle but we can’t let up.

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