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6 Reasons Obama-Care Is Bad Medicine

by Chuck Norris at

No one denies that in an affluent country such as our own, it borders on tragic that millions do not have some form of health care. I feel for those Americans; I really do. I agree that health care reform is needed badly in America, but I don’t believe the bill of goods called “universal health care” that is being pitched presently by our president contains the solution. In fact, I believe it is bad medicine for America.

–First, universal health care unwisely is being rushed.

Should sweeping health care reform be enacted in a world-record time? Just like the stimulus packages and bogus bailout baloney, Obama-care is being shoved downed America’s throat (without explanation) and propelled like a ramrod through Congress (without examination). I call it the Obama blitzkrieg: create crisis; crunch numbers; and cram legislation. The fact is the president continues to sell the program, but there is still no single plan he or Congress is ready to sell.



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  1. A bipartisan effort is the only way. Obamacare is all about control with reduced care and no savings on costs.

    Comment by Gregg's Health Insurance News | July 28, 2009 | Reply

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