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Rep Marion Berry (D-AR) Doesn’t Want to Hear from Constituents

Originally posted on Boot Berry

I just contacted Representative Berry’s office (again) and asked if he has any town hall meetings or other public appearances scheduled for the August recess. Their answer was typical of the response I seem to get everytime I contact his office, nothing.

“As of now, he doesn’t have anything scheduled,” was all I could get from the man on the phone. Of course, it’s July 31 so that means he’s not going to schedule any time to hear from the folks back home.

One would think, with such an important issue looming as the government takeover of our health care system, the Congressman would want to hear from his constituents while he’s back home. Especially if the answers I’ve been getting to my questions are correct–that he hasn’t yet determined his position on the so-called “public option,” he doesn’t know where he stands on employer mandates, he can’t refute the inevitable rationing of care with previously released versions of the bill, he has no response to questions about the so-called “end of life counseling” that could also be referred to as “go ahead and die counseling,” etc.

Congressman Berry evidently doesn’t want to hear from the same constituents who responded to the poll we reported on here. The 86% who are satisfied with their current health care system may demand he not sell them out to the left-wing Obama-Pelosi branch of the Democratic party. The 74% who prefer private insurance companies to an impossible to navigate monstrous bureaucracy may insist he side with them in this life and death battle. And the 59% of Arkansans who don’t want their taxes increased to fund rationed care of reduced quality may demand he ignore special interest groups like ACORN and the SEIU and listen to those he supposedly represents.

Perhaps he plans to spend his time off pandering to those he really represents, the folks who fill the coffers of his campaigns. Of course these folks aren’t even from Arkansas for the most part! So maybe it’s little wonder he has no intention of engaging voters in his district during the August recess.

His staff informed me that his Jonesboro office handles scheduling when Berry’s in Arkansas. So be sure to attend the Recess Rally closest to you. Let’s also overwhelm his staff in Jonesboro with calls to demand our employee listen to us. After all, he does work for us.

Marion Berry’s Jonesboro Office
(870) 972-4600
(800) 866-2701
(870) 972-4605 FAX

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  1. What needs to happen is someone like Trevor Drown or some other independent who will dare to make a difference. We need some of the out of the box thinkers that the Green Berets seem to make who will take on a leadership role and look after the people. My recommendation is some of the independent minded people look at Trevor’s example and join him.

    Comment by Skip Rutherford | August 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. I called Marion Berry’s Mountain Home, AR, office July 31, 2009, and got a recording saying to call his office in Jonesboro, AR. I spoke with the air head at Jonesboro and she said he had no townhall meetings planned at this time. I told her well he needs to schedule some . . . fast! Our motto to the senate and congress should be, “If the health care plan that is planned for us is something YOU would not choose for yourself then why should it be good enough for us?” LEAVE MY CHOICES ALONE! DON’T TREAD ON ME!!

    Comment by Mary | August 4, 2009 | Reply

    • Isn’t it amazing Mary? The overhaul of 1/6 of our economy hangs in the balance, the people are anything but behind the plan being circulated, and our elected representatives don’t even care enough to hear us out. It’s absolutely sickening. They’ve come to see themselves as a ruling class, much like the nobles of Middle Ages Europe. And we’re nothing more than serfs, here to pay them tribute.

      Comment by John Allison, III | August 4, 2009 | Reply

  3. I too called Marion’s Jonesboro Office and got the same response that he has nothing scheduled at this time. So in reference to Mary and John’s comments, and what we are seeing from the rest of the country, they obviously do not want the burden of listening to us. So might I suggest that we relieve them of that burden next November…

    Comment by Matthew | August 7, 2009 | Reply

    • That’s the key Matt! We must make them believe, make them understand they are not a Middle Ages style noble, ruling class. They are our employees and it’s high time they remember it.

      Comment by John Allison, III | August 7, 2009 | Reply

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